India, France to collaborate on medical research

India and France will collaborate to explore the possibilities of RNAi (RNA interference) in areas of basic medical research and biotechnology. Eight Indo-France lab centres have already been set up and two research institutes are working in Pondicherry and Delhi. To further this programme and encourage scientists, scholarships and fellowships are also being awarded. There are seven scholarships for Indian students to the tune of 1300 Euros for six month duration. Joint research cells are reportedly working on water and ground water. 250 projects were approved in 2006 as a part of the joint collaboration between India and France. Scientists are trying to understand the RNAi interference in positioning the regulation of expression. In medical research it is working in areas of fighting diseases like HIV, virus related diseases or how to cure a genetic programme that is going wrong. In areas of bio-technology, it informs how to silence a gene. RNAi is a mechanism that inhibits gene expression by causing the degradation of specific RNA molecules or hindering the transcription of specific genes.

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