Better Detection of Breast Lesions with Ultrasound

An ultrasound technique that measures stiffness of tissue dramatically improves detection rates in finding breast cancer, according to a presentation at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

Researchers at the Elizabeth Wende Breast Care centre in Rochester, New York found that elastography, which uses ultrasound to determine how elastic tissue is, was able to heavily reduce the number of false positives in breast cancer cases, which often lead to unnecessary biopsies. In fact, recent studies estimate that only one out of 10 biopsies performed following ultrasound finds cancers.

In the current study, the doctors looked at 198 suspicious findings from 193 patients, of which around 140 were biopsied. Of the 140 biopsies, they discovered 59 cancers.

As expected, elastography was incredibly sensitive and fairly specific, according to the researchers.

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