Transasia brings UF 1000i, automated urine particle analyser

Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd in association with Sysmex has launched the UF 1000i, a fully automated urine particle analyser to help medium and large sized laboratories to optimise urine microscopy with faster turn around times, standardised reporting, effective workflow management and resource utilisation.

UF-1000i is Sysmex’s latest urine fluorescence flow cytometer. Based on Fluorescence Flow cytometry technology using polymethine dye for specifically staining nucleic acids, sensitive particle analysis i.e bacteria detection at clinically relevant levels can be achieved. By identifying over 65,000 particles, analytical performance in respect to sensitivity, accuracy and precision can be further enhanced.

UF-1000i also measures RBC, WBC, bacteria, epithelial cells, casts, crystals, yeasts and spermatozoa,  updates urinary conductivity besides RBC morphology information and an intelligent rule-based UTI flag. With two separate analytical channels, UF-1000i offers selective analysis of either bacteria alone or the full range of parameters, and permits bacteria counting.

UF-1000i automatically monitors the urine conductivity proven to correlate well with urinary osmolality and creatinine. UF-1000i delivers a sample’s results within minutes. It determines infection or inflammation, while even very sensitive bacteria detection is possible with UF-1000i. Bacteria concentrations down to clinically relevant levels between 103 and 104 / mL can be determined by the instrument.

Sysmex XT 4000i, haematology analyser with two special software launched

Transasia has launched the Sysmex XT 4000i, a fully automated fluorescence flow cytometry based, high-end six part differential haematology analyser, also incorporated with two special software for enumerating Ret-He and IG. The analyser also reports body fluid, reticulocyte count and IRF (immature reticulocyte fraction) for uating bone marrow erythropoietic activity.

XT 4000i has fully automated fluorescence flow cytometry based six-part differential hematology analyser, where up to 100 samples per hour can be done. The multichannel analysis allows comprehensive information processing system and data storage, semiconductor laser has lower power consumption, higher stability, and longer life thus cutting down on maintenance cost, fully automated reticulocytes analysis with florescence flow cytometry, no pre-treatment and faster reporting time of just 60 seconds, platelet count switching algorithm between impedance and optical methods for reliable and accurate platelet counts.

The Sysmex XT4000i, approved by the US FDA, has the latest reportable parameters like IG counts,  new diagnostic parameters like IRF for erythropoietic functions and Ret-He for determining functional iron deficiency and differentiating anaemias.

The dedicated body fluid mode allows for rapid and standardised automated uation of various body fluids directly from the sample tube, and provides differentials for mononuclear and polymorphonuclear leukocytes to aid interpretations. The analyser provides extremely reliable counts even at low concentrations.With the Sysmex XT 4000i , Transasia is looking to enable the diagnostic laboratories and hospital labs to provide advanced clinically relevant information to optimise patient care.

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