A partnership between Google and Quest Diagnostics Inc., will allow patients to view their diagnostic laboratory testing information electronically.

Under the terms of the collaboration, Quest Diagnostics is developing solutions that will allow physicians to provide their patients with easy and secure electronic access to their diagnostic test results. Quest Diagnostics’ proprietary Care360 patient-centric physician portal will serve as the platform for securely transferring patient diagnostic laboratory data into a Google Health account, at the user’s request. Google Health will allow patients to manage their health information online. “Quest Diagnostics’ leadership in diagnostic testing services and information technology makes us uniquely positioned to partner with Google Health to offer technologies and services that will improve communications between doctors and patients,” said Mary Hall Gregg, vice president and chief information officer of Quest Diagnostics. In addition to providing current diagnostic laboratory data, the collaboration will also allow physicians to securely send historical laboratory data to the patient’s Google Health account. Physicians will be able to comment on their patients’ test results to better inform them about their health status. “Laboratory data is the foundation of many patients’ medical histories and an important driver of treatment decisions made by physicians and their patients,” said Joyce G. Schwartz, MD, vice president and chief laboratory officer, Quest Diagnostics. “Working with Google Health, Quest   Diagnostics will help patients collaborate with their physicians to make informed healthcare choices based on relevant diagnostic information.”

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