Rajesh Maurya, Regional Director, SAARC , Fortinet

Rajesh Maurya, Regional Director, SAARC , Fortinet

Fortinet, one of the leading providers of high-performance network security products and services, enumerated the key data security challenges in the healthcare companies and the measures to be undertaken to enable the healthcare sector to become as vigilant as the financial sector  about data security  to reduce cyber attacks.

Key Takeaways

  • Need for more than regulation-compliant security in the light of the recent high-profile attacks on healthcare organisations globally
  • Underinvestment in IT security measures to protect critical systems & data
  • Patient health records much more vulnerable as have a higher value on the black market than credit cards and other financial data
  • Adopt end-to-end security measures & embrace new technologies
  • s
  • Implement holistic security approaches
  • Ensure fortification of the central data storage facility to ensure safety & usefulness of patient data
  • Enhance control and visibility of network traffic for the centralised staff and providers so that the most important hubs of care can operate at their full capability
  • Provide coherent management of fragmented networks and data streams, complete with logging, analysis and reporting functionalities
  • Ensure security across distinct offices and home locations with flexible security practices and technologies
  • Reducing the available attack surface of a healthcare organisation can prevent many attackers from obtaining information
  • Ensure that advanced threat protection tools cover user authentication, virtual private network (VPN), SSL inspection, application controls, antivirus, and other factors
  • Chief information officers (CIOs) need sandboxing technology to expose previously unknown malicious threats and examine them within a secured environment, hence provide the intelligence and protection necessary to secure the healthcare environment from escalating cyber threats

International Data Corporation (IDC), 2015  

  • 50 per cent of healthcare organisations have experienced 1 to 5 cyber-attacks in the past 12


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