Siddhartha Bhattacharya, VP, Global Marketing- Kodak Alaris Information Management (IM) division

The ever-increasing flood of data, and how we manage it, is one of the greatest opportunities facing businesses and governments in the 21st century. The challenge with big data, other than the obvious fact that it is big, is that so much of it is unstructured. Today, at least 90% of business data “ approximately 35 Zettabytes “ is unstructured. By 2020, we will be able to fill 8 trillion DVDs with new data each year.

To harness the power of data to achieve digital transformation and capture growth, Kodak Alaris has announced the launch of a marketing blitz. This series of high-impact marketing initiatives includes:

  1. A new business narrative is to raise awareness about the newest ways to combat data chaos.
  2. A revamped website that helps buyers easily navigate to the specific information management challenge areas they are interested in. According to Sirius Decisions, 67 percent of the buyers journey is done digitally.
  3. A campaign aimed at Business Process Outsourcers, which features Kodak Alaris subject matter experts and shares their knowledge directly with IT decision makers.
  4. A second global campaign focused on Distributed Capture, Redefine the Flow of Information, which showcases how distributed capture can help increase customer satisfaction and improve

The struggle among businesses to extract meaningful information from unstructured data is universal, said Siddhartha Bhattacharya, vice president, Global Marketing, Kodak Alaris Information Management (IM) division.

 Data is ubiquitous and is embedded in countless formats. Its in our email, paper documents, online posts, videos and more. Most of the time its free form, in every format accept the neatly organized rows and columns of a database. We refer to this as data chaos’ — the point where the size and growth of unstructured data vastly outpaces structured data, presenting significant obstacles to operational efficiency, responsiveness to customers and profitable growth.

New business narrative articulates power and purpose of digital transformation

Company has crafted a business narrative describing The Era of Data Chaos to articulate the challenges and opportunities for organisations.

 The systems and strategies designed to manage structured data are insufficient to capitalise on the opportunity presented by unstructured data. The exploitation of unstructured data represents too great an opportunity for businesses to ignore, said Bhattacharya.images-3

Business narratives are critical for organisations to create a clear purpose that resonates with what the market needs. For Kodak Alaris IM division, that purpose is to provide the science, technology, services and partner ecosystem needed to drive business growth for customers in the era of data chaos.

 Revamped website presents solutions for real life business challenges

download-7These days, most of the business buyers and consumers research products online before making a purchase. In fact, according to Sirius Decisions, a leading global business-to-business research and advisory firm, 67 percent of the buyers journey is now done digitally.

With this in mind, Kodak Alaris IM launched a new website:

  • It designed to help buyers easily navigate to the specific information management challenge areas they are interested in, including Mailroom Automation, Forms Processing, Records Management, Accounts Payable Processing and Customer Onboarding.
  • Site visitors are greeted by a fresh look and feel and state-of-the-art responsive design.
  • The site is available in 11 languages.

 On this, Siddhartha Bhattacharya stated, The challenge pages offer insights and examples of how to manage data chaos in specific line of business applications. The content is written with our target customers in mind and describes their real life challenges with document scanning and capture solutions.

Global BPO campaign offers service providers free document capture assessment

images-4 To better focus on the needs of Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) and service bureaus, many of which use high-volume production scanners and software, company has launched a global marketing campaign under the theme, Redefining Science.

The aim of this targeted initiative is to feature Kodak Alaris subject matter experts and share their knowledge directly with chief operating officers, chief technology officers, chief information officers, VPs of sales and the process owners who report to them.

 Our consultative approach is engaging, educational and collaborative, explained Bhattacharya. BPOs and service bureaus are looking for a partner that can offer advice and counsel because their world is dramatically changing. Today they are delivering low-cost, efficient services to their customers. But the age of mobile and cloud technology is leading to margin erosion and resource challenges. Many are struggling to adapt and offer the new capabilities that customers are demanding, and this is causing declines in their businesses. What we offer is what BPOs and service bureaus need to stay relevant and delight their customers. We have decades of experience and have helped thousands of companies provide outsourcing services.

 Distributed Capture campaign redefines the flow of information

download-8 The Distributed Capture (DC) market is another key focus area for Kodak Alaris IM. Distributed Capture is characterised by transactional scanning applications that are geared toward business process improvement at the point where documents and information enter the organisation. Companies over the years have been moving capture processes for business documents from back office mail rooms to branches, to departments and now down to the office workers desk. This trend has been fuelled by lower cost telecommunication service, bandwidth availability and lower cost data storage.

To better address the needs of this customer set, Kodak Alaris is launching a second global marketing campaign focused on organisations that use or can benefit from Distributed Capture solutions.Implementing the latest transactional capture solutions can lead to:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Faster turnaround of business processes
  • Improved probability of business acquisition.

The theme of the DC campaign is Redefine the Flow of Informationand it is scheduled to roll out over the balance of 2016.

Our new business narrative, revamped website and targeted global campaigns differentiate Kodak Alaris Information Management and reposition our brand as we meet data chaos head on, concluded Bhattacharya.

It gives us a message that is highly relevant to senior decision makers across finance, operations, sales, marketing, manufacturing, logistics, human resources, and more. And its the foundation of all of our communications, as we help educate customers about improving efficiency, agility, speed and profitability through the effective use of unstructured data.

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