A partnership to enhance virtual medical care

WebVMC, the developer of the RemoteNurse� telehealth system that enables 24 hour virtual medical care for remote disease management, has entered into an exclusive partnership with Home Telehealth Ltd. (HTL); one of the United Kingdom’s leading providers of telehealth products and managed care services. WebVMC provides virtual healthcare techno-logy, using the Internet to manage care for the person with a chronic illness, thereby connecting the patient, caregiver and clinician for 24-hour disease management from any location, in multiple healthcare delivery systems, such as home care, hospitals and assisted living facilities.

Under this partnership, HTL will distribute WebVMC’s software-
based telehealth monitoring product in the United Kingdom and 25 other EU countries.

The announcement was made by Scott Sheppard, President and Chief Technology Officer of WebVMC, and Peter Range, Chief utive Officer of HTL. Furthermore, US-based WebVMC’s expansion into interna-tional markets will assist HTL in its efforts to provide telehealth solutions with a strong emphasis on patient education and empowerment, so that people are fully informed about their condition and are better able to manage it.

“We selected WebVMC as we feel it is clearly the ‘best of breed’ technology available in home healthcare moni-toring, empowering those with long-term conditions to do more to care for themselves,” said Range.

WebVMC’s Sheppard said the main distinction between other telehealth options and his company’s product is its unique features, which include multi-patient, multi-language, multi-platform and customizable disease management capability. “Most telehealth products simply provide disease monitoring through existing systems,” Sheppard stated. “But our software-based technology offers increased connectivity and the ability to access healthcare data via the Internet, which allows patients at home to obtain a speedy intervention if their health deteriorates. This timely response could prevent an unnece-ssary hospitalization and allows the person to stay at home and remain independent, added Sheppard.”

Siemens to manage information technology operations of Touro Infirmary

Siemens Medical Solutions, one of the world’s leading suppliers to the healthcare industry, known for bringing together innovative medical technologies, healthcare information systems, management consulting, and support services, to help customers achieve tangible, sustainable, clinical and financial outcomes, has signed a strategic agreement with Touro Infirmary of New Orleans, USA. Under this agreement, Siemens will provide Touro Infirmary with a long-term information technology (IT) managed services solution. The solution includes the management of Touro’s complete IT operations and the implementation of Siemens’ Med Administration Check� solution. Here it deserves a mention that Touro Infirmary, founded in 1852, is a not-for-profit, community-based hospital, which for more than 150 years has been a vanguard of medical excellence.

By looking to Siemens for management of its IT operations, Touro benefits from Siemens’ expertise in complex healthcare and IT infrastructures. Siemens will work with Touro to create operational and financial efficiencies, maximizing its investment in IT resources, and achieving its strategic business objectives. As a result of the expanded relationship, Touro and Siemens employees will work collaboratively to deliver advanced IT solutions, designed to meet the organization’s needs.

According to Janet Dillione, President, Health Services, Healthcare IT Division of Siemens Medical Solutions, “We see tremendous potential to transform the entire healthcare industry through innovative solutions and strategic customer partnerships that enable healthcare providers to focus on the business of patient care. We look forward to expanding our long-standing partnership with Touro in support of their goals for enhanced patient safety and measurable operational improvements.”

Touro has implemented a wide range of Siemens INVISION� applications throughout its healthcare enterprise, using INVISION to streamline information across clinical, financial, and administrative functions to help improve patient care and outcomes. Touro will also adopt Siemens’ Med Administration Check, designed by nurses and pharmacists to support and improve nursing medication administration workflow, with online, point-of-care information technology that helps reduce errors. Additionally, Siemens provides Touro with leading-edge diagnostic imaging technologies including integrated solutions for interventional cardiology, nuclear medicine and echocardiography.

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