February 2017

Making Hospitals Environment Friendly

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Sudhir Pillai
Sales Director-South Asia, Honeywell Environmental & Energy Solutions

A green hospital uses natural and scarce resources efficiently. A well-executed green hospital project can deliver better returns for the investors, says Sudhir Pillai, Sales Director-South Asia, Honeywell Environmental & Energy Solutions, in an interview with Elets News Network (ENN).

What are the most important components of a green building?

A green building refers to both, the building structure and the processes spanning the entire life-cycle of the building. Some of the components include sustainability of the site, innovation and design, energy efficiency, water efficiency, usage of environment- friendly materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, waste and toxic material reduction, and satisfaction & productivity of building users.

Honeywell has a comprehensive list of offerings for various categories of healthcare facilities. The offerings include:

• Building management systems (BMS) for higher energy efficiency and workforce productivity. Two of the most popular BMS brands are Trend and Web Enabled Building Managment System (WEBS)

• Precision airflow control for critical spaces provided by Phoenix Controls Systems

• Smart and conventional field devices

• India’s first anti -bacterial range of fl at switches (Blenze plus) and cable management solutions

• Solar water heaters

• Barcode scanners and mobile computers to enhance staff productivity

• Personnel protective equipment offering head-to-toe protection

• Security and fire protection solutions.

What are the benefits of a green hospital?

A green hospital would incorporate all the features of a green building with an added emphasis on patient well-being, namely:

• Comfort (temperature, humidity and air purity)

• Precise environs in critical and controlled areas like Critical Care Units, Intensive Care Units and Operation Theaters

• Tight control on spread of infection and disease

A green hospital aids in patients’ curative process, is a productive workplace for the staff, and uses natural resources efficiently. A well-executed green hospital project can deliver better returns for the investors.

Which materials are usually incorporated into your products to help hospitals reduce their carbon footprints?

Almost 60 per cent of the energy used in a hospital is for air conditioning and lighting. The challenge is to conserve energy without impacting the performance of critical equipment. Honeywell offers a suite of Building Management System (BMS) that includes controllers, integrators, and field devices to help hospitals optimise their energy usage.

Which important national and international accreditations, certifications a hospital should target to acquire in India to become green?

The three most important accreditations for green hospitals are LEED Platinum Rating, GRIHA and ASHRAE.

How technology is incorporated to develop green buildings?

Technology is incorporated in all aspects of construction and usage of a green building starting from design, installation, commissioning and usage of green buildings. For example, a building management solution software optimises energy usage without compromising on the comfort and well-being of building occupants.


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