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Fortis Escorts partners with Khyber Hospital, opens Cardiac surgery OPD

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Khyber HospitalFortis Escorts Heart Institute (FEHI), opened a Cardiac surgery OPD at the Khyber Hospital, Khyam Chowk, Srinagar.

The OPD Services is spearheaded by Dr Yugal K Mishra, Director, Cardio Vascular Surgery, FEHI and his team of doctors. The OPD which will be extended every month at the Khyber Hospital will have Dr. Mishra and Dr. Syed Asrar, Associate Consultant; FEHI treating patients in the OPD.
The highlights of the OPD clinic will be the advanced infrastructure andupgraded technology utilized in cardiac treatment. Advanced surgeries like minimal invasive valve surgeries, minimal invasive coronary artery surgeries, heart port valve surgeries and ASD closure performed by the cardiac team extending high class medical treatment will be made available at the doorstep of the people living in Kashmir.
At the launch, Dr Yugal Mishra said, “The stressful style of living is the main reason for heart diseases today. The prevalence of disease among young as well as old people is rising alarmingly. It is recommended that one should undergo regular health check-ups for any possible Coronary Heart Disease.”
Mishra said: “through this OPD we will extend high class treatmentsolutions to heart patients, we will also strive to raise awareness about heart ailments related to stress and lifestyle. We hope that our expertise at performing various heart ailments can now be availed by the people of Kashmir through this OPD.”
Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is one of the major reasons of mortality in the developing world, especially in the Indian sub-continent.
According to a study carried out in Anantnag and Srinagar, the people of Jammu & Kashmir have experienced a higher rate of CHD due to an unusual stressful living condition for years. The study found that prevalence rate of CHD among the population studied was 7.54%. The overall rural prevalence was 6.70% and urban prevalence was at 8.37%. The proportion of male patients was slightly higher at 7.88% than female at 6.63%. The FEHI OPD Clinic will be a step towards addressing this grave problem.

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