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Home health monitoring has been on the surge in recent times, and the use of the same for combating cardiovascular diseases has been greatly enhanced. Along the same theme, OMRON Healthcare India has announced a strategic collaboration with AliveCor India. This partnership brings forth advanced AI-based handheld ECG technology, marking OMRON Healthcare India’s expansion beyond its renowned blood pressure monitoring solutions.

The collaboration introduces a game-changing device, the first of its kind in India – the Home BPM+ECG Monitoring FDA Cleared Device. This innovative device combines the capabilities of a blood pressure monitor with AliveCor ECG technology, enabling early detection and management of Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD).

Speaking on the significance of this collaboration, Tetsuya Yamada, Managing Director of OMRON Healthcare India, emphasized the critical role of early detection in preventing cardiovascular incidents. He highlighted the alarming statistics, stating that stroke risk increases significantly with conditions like Afib, stressing the importance of regular monitoring for early intervention.

Elaborating further on the partnership with AliveCor, Yamada expressed OMRON Healthcare India’s commitment to its “Going for Zero” vision, aimed at eliminating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease episodes. The collaboration not only enhances the accuracy and accessibility of home monitoring but also addresses the shortage of cardiologists in the country.

Anuj Seth, Managing Director of AliveCor India, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing their dedication to leveraging mobile technology to revolutionize cardiac care. He underscored the importance of extending access to remote patient care, ultimately saving more lives through this innovative partnership.

With India grappling with a significant burden of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, this collaboration comes as a beacon of hope. Despite millions suffering from high blood pressure, a large percentage remains untreated or unaware of their condition. The introduction of advanced home monitoring devices promises to bridge this gap, empowering individuals to take proactive steps towards managing their heart health.

As the healthcare landscape evolves, partnerships like OMRON Healthcare India and AliveCor India’s collaboration pave the way for accessible, efficient, and proactive health monitoring, bringing us one step closer to a healthier, heart-conscious society.

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