Mohd Ameer

In a thought-provoking session at the 2nd Elets Global Healthcare Summit, Mohd Ameer, Sales Director at Exotel, delved deep into enhancing customer experience in the healthcare industry. His discussion, rooted in the philosophy of prioritising service over profit, underscored the importance of humanising customer interactions.

Ameer highlighted the commoditization of healthcare and other sectors like BFSI, where differentiation is increasingly challenging. Exotel, with its expansive reach across 65 countries and over 7,000 customers, embarked on an exploration to understand what makes certain brands successful. A significant finding was the correlation between positive customer conversations and profit margins, with many healthcare organisations showing a direct link between the two.

The essence of these positive interactions, as he pointed out, lies in their context and the emotional connection they foster. Whether in personal or business interactions, trust, empathy, and understanding form the backbone of meaningful communication. In the healthcare sector, this is especially pivotal, given the nature of customer distress.

He then shifted focus to the practical aspects of improving customer interaction in healthcare. He stressed the need for contextual conversations based on the customer’s intent and emotion. This approach requires a deep understanding of the customer’s history and current needs, a challenge Exotel addressed by integrating various customer interaction data onto a single platform.

One significant issue he highlighted was the prevalence of transactional conversations, which often lead to a disconnect in customer service. To counter this, Exotel developed a system that consolidates all customer data, thereby enabling more contextual and empathetic interactions.

Further, Ameer discussed the challenges faced by healthcare providers, such as patient no-shows and ineffective outreach. He proposed solutions like automated reminders and rescheduling systems, which prevent revenue loss and enhance patient experience.

In conclusion, his presentation at the 2nd Elets Global Healthcare Summit offered valuable insights into improving customer interaction in healthcare. By focusing on humanising these interactions and leveraging technology to understand and respond to customer needs effectively, healthcare providers can significantly enhance their service quality, leading to greater customer satisfaction and business success.

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