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HealthNet Global, in collaboration with Apollo Multispeciality Hospitals in Kolkata, has introduced an innovative 5G-connected ambulance, transforming emergency medical services. This state-of-the-art vehicle, equipped with the latest medical technologies, utilises 5G connectivity for instantaneous patient monitoring and fluid communication.

This advanced ambulance transcends the capabilities of traditional emergency vehicles by serving as a comprehensive mobile medical unit, establishing a critical link between the emergency scene and the hospital. It boasts sophisticated medical equipment that continuously monitors vital signs, transmitting this data in real-time to the hospital. This immediate access to patient data allows emergency room physicians to make well-informed decisions and prepare for the patient’s imminent arrival.

A standout aspect of this ambulance is its use of 5G technology’s low latency, enabling real-time tracking of its location by the hospital’s command center. This feature not only accelerates response times but also maximises the effectiveness of the ‘golden hour’ in emergency treatment. The ultra-fast 5G network underpins this capability, ensuring uninterrupted communication between the ambulance and the hospital.

Additionally, the ambulance is outfitted with onboard cameras and bodycams, offering live visual feeds of the patient directly to the doctors at the hospital. This setup facilitates remote cooperation and allows specialists to remotely guide critical procedures. The integration of 5G technology provides doctors with a real-time view of the patient’s condition, greatly enhancing the quality and timeliness of care.

The launch of this 5G-connected ambulance represents a significant leap forward in the realm of emergency medical services. It exemplifies the transformative impact of advanced connectivity in saving lives and reshaping healthcare. By promoting rapid, efficient communication, real-time monitoring, and collaborative treatment, this ambulance is a pioneering model for future emergency healthcare.

Vikram Thaploo, CEO of HealthNet Global, has voiced his excitement about this technological breakthrough, underscoring its potential to save lives. Echoing this sentiment, Rana Dasgupta, CEO-Eastern Region of Apollo Hospitals Group, stressed the importance of connected ambulances in enhancing emergency care, where time is of the essence. Thanks to 5G technology, clinical assessments can commence even before the patient reaches the hospital, significantly improving patient outcomes.

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