Aster Royal Al Raffah Hospital

Aster Royal Al Raffah Hospital in Oman has made a significant leap in healthcare by introducing the Aster Al Raffah Breast Cancer Clinic, a specialised facility aimed at the early detection and comprehensive management of breast cancer and related disorders.

The inauguration of this clinic is particularly timely, with breast cancer representing 12.5 per cent of all new cancer cases globally each year. In Oman, breast cancer remains the most common cancer, especially among women, and with 31 per cent of these cases being diagnosed at an advanced stage, the necessity for early and specialised treatment is stark.

Equipped with the latest in diagnostic technology, including top-tier mammography, ultrasound, and MRI machines, the Aster Al Raffah Breast Cancer Clinic is a beacon for early and accurate detection of breast health issues. The clinic marks the beginning of a new chapter in healthcare services, offering a suite of diagnostic and treatment options.

Dr Salim Al Rahbi, Consultant Breast Surgeon, underlined the clinic’s commitment to comprehensive patient care, stating that early detection can significantly slow disease progression and increase survival rates. He reiterated the clinic’s crucial role in supporting early diagnosis and providing all-encompassing care, backed by a professional team of radiologists, oncologists, and surgeons. Their goal is steadfast in enhancing patient outcomes and overall health.

Dr Abha Singhvi, Specialist in General Surgery, affirmed that the opening of the clinic highlights Aster Royal Al Raffah Hospital’s pledge to deliver superior healthcare services. The combination of an elite team and advanced facilities is expected to positively impact patient health outcomes. The clinic also focuses on patient support, from the initial detection through surgery and recovery, ensuring the highest standards of breast health care are met.

Additionally, the clinic offers both open and guided biopsies, which are conducted alongside skilled interventional radiologists, improving diagnosis accuracy and patient comfort. It is also equipped to deal with benign breast conditions, including fibro adenoma, inflammatory breast diseases, and abscesses.

The clinic’s services extend to breast cancer care, featuring staging tools, lymph node biopsies, and a robust support network. With a team of specialised breast oncology consultants and nurses dedicated to wound care and post-operative support, patients are guaranteed top-tier treatment throughout their journey.

Dr Salin Al Rahbi and Dr Abha Singhvi will lead the Breast Cancer Clinic, situated in the 175-bed, multispecialty tertiary care hospital. The clinic is well-positioned to serve Oman’s 5 million residents. Aster Royal Al Raffah Hospital’s introduction of the Breast Cancer Clinic underscores its commitment to elevating health services in the Sultanate and improving the lives of those affected by breast cancer and other breast health issues.

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