The Government of Andhra Pradesh is making significant strides in skill development, particularly in the healthcare sector, recognising its importance in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Under the visionary leadership of the Chief Minister, the state has introduced a unique “Skill Cascading System” aimed at addressing rising unemployment and skill gaps.

The system is structured across three levels, in line with the National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF). At the top is a Skill University, planned to be located in Tirupati, which will collaborate with international players and focus on advanced courses. The next tier consists of Skill Colleges, one in each of the 25 parliamentary constituencies in the state. These colleges will offer NSQF Level 5-9 courses and are fully funded by the government, including infrastructure and boarding. Each college is also partnered with a dedicated industry player to ensure industry-relevant training. At the grassroots level, Skill Hubs are being established in each of the 175 legislative assembly constituencies. These hubs offer NSQF Level 1-4 courses and are integrated into existing educational institutions like ITIs, polytechnics, and degree colleges.

The Skill Cascading System is not just about training; it also focuses on placements. So far, 15,000 students have been trained, with a placement rate of 77 per cent. The government is actively seeking partnerships with industries, not just for placements but also for curriculum development.

One notable success story is the partnership with Kia Motors in Anantapur, which has led to the establishment of Kia ITI and Polytechnic Colleges. These institutions are industry-driven, providing students with the skills that employers actually need, thereby creating a win-win situation for both the industry and the workforce.

The Andhra Pradesh government is inviting all industry players, especially from the healthcare sector, to be part of this ambitious skill development initiative. The government assures ease of collaboration and is open to customizing training programs based on industry needs. This Skill Cascading System serves as a model for how public-private partnerships can effectively address skill gaps and unemployment, contributing to national development.

Views expressed by Shri Kartikeya, OSD to Ministry of Finance & Skill Training, Government of Andhra Pradesh at 11th Elets Healthcare Innovation Summit & Awards

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