Mission Indradhanush

The health department is all set to launch “Mission Indradhanush,” a comprehensive campaign aimed at reaching out to children and pregnant women who have been left out of routine immunisation and vaccination against measles and rubella. The campaign will be conducted in three rounds, starting from August 7 and continuing until October 14.

During the campaign, vaccines will be administered to protect individuals against 11 diseases, including diphtheria, tetanus, tuberculosis, measles, Hepatitis B, rubella, and pneumonia. To streamline the vaccination process and maintain accurate records, the health department will introduce the U-Win portal. This digital platform will capture vaccination data of children and pregnant women, ensuring a centralized and efficient system.

To identify unvaccinated children, the health department will conduct door-to-door surveys, enabling them to locate and immunize those who may have been missed during routine immunisation. According to Dr Tarun Gupta, the district immunisation officer, over 10,350 children and 3,006 pregnant women have been identified as not having received their required immunisations.

The U-Win portal will serve as a comprehensive source of information for immunisation services, recording vaccination status, delivery outcomes, birth doses, and all subsequent vaccination events for both children and pregnant women. Additionally, the portal will facilitate planning for routine immunisation sessions and generate detailed reports on antigen-wise coverage and other key metrics.

With the data of children updated through the door-to-door survey and over 400 vaccinators and ANMs (Auxiliary Nurse Midwife) trained for the campaign, the health department is prepared to make a significant impact in ensuring widespread vaccination coverage among the target population.

Through Mission Indradhanush and the U-Win portal, the health department aims to safeguard the health and well-being of children and pregnant women by providing them with essential vaccinations and immunisation services, contributing to disease prevention and a healthier community.

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