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The national government may soon permit the opening of medical colleges in small hospitals in order to boost access to medical education.

Currently, only major district hospitals are used to establish medical colleges; however, the National Medical Commission (NMC) has begun developing a strategy to streamline the procedure.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has approved the plan after the NMC and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare examined the infrastructure needs at these institutions.

The announcement is anticipated to be made this month since the draft is currently undergoing final revisions.

“Up until now, medical education has not been delivered at small hospitals. In contrast, 80% of the beds at NMC were left empty, according to a senior government official from the ministry.

In addition to “increasing seats for medical education,” the measure aims to “increase access to medical care” in rural areas.

The central government’s plan, according to the official, is to spread out medical instruction and students around most areas.

“India would be able to provide better healthcare, even in isolated locations. The infrastructure needs for opening these colleges have been taken into account. A list of the necessary items, including CT scanners, microscopes, and various surgical tools, has been created. Everything will be handled, the official assured the audience.

The representative also said that the health ministry is already on a hiring frenzy to increase the number of seats to broaden the breadth of medical education.

This year, nearly 50 new medical institutions received approval, adding 8,195 more undergraduate seats and bringing the nation’s total to over 1,07,658. The number of medical colleges in the nation has increased to 702 with the addition of these 50 colleges (30 public and 20 private).

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