Preetha Vasanji

Digital transformation has brought about significant changes in various industries, including healthcare. Digital technology has revolutionized healthcare, making it more accessible, convenient, and personalized. The use of digital tools in healthcare has enabled faster and more accurate diagnosis, increased access to healthcare, and predictive data analytics. However, digital technology has also had a significant impact on marketing in the healthcare and life sciences industry, expressed Preetha Vasanji, President (Emerging Markets), Doceree at Elets Global Healthcare Summit & Awards in Dubai. Edited excerpts:

She commenced the presentation by stating, “The healthcare industry faces the challenge of connecting with physicians and healthcare professionals. The Pharma world tries to reach out to physicians through emails, e-detailing sessions, and advocacy boards. However, measuring the effectiveness of these marketing initiatives has always been a challenge. There are several channels through which physicians can be reached, and measuring the outcomes of each activity is a task.”

“To address this challenge, there is a need for a more methodical approach to measuring the effectiveness of digital initiatives in the Pharma and Life Sciences industry. The I2P score is a systematic framework for measuring the effectiveness of digital initiatives. It is an intent to prescribe, which is a step just before a doctor decides to prescribe a particular product or service to a patient”, she added.

The I2P score primarily focuses on efficacy markers that the digital medium has when it comes to marketing campaigns. It dives deep into some of the basic efficacy markers, such as how frequently the message has been shared, whether the doctor has seen the message adequately, the platform affinity, campaign clicks, and recall scores. These markers help to evaluate how the physician has connected with the message and engaged with it.

In data-rich countries such as the United States, every doctor is mapped to an NPI, making it possible to assess the throughput of marketing initiatives. However, in data-deficient countries like the UAE, APAC, and GCC, this becomes a significant challenge. Therefore, the I2P score is a way to measure the effectiveness of digital initiatives and bring more efficiencies into the Pharma and Life Sciences industry, she concluded.

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