Sudden cardiac arrest and sudden heart attacks have become a major concern in India, especially in the last year, with even seemingly healthy individuals like film stars, sportspeople, and young actors being affected. Lifestyle factors like diet, stress, and a sedentary lifestyle have contributed to cardiac diseases, but excessive exercising, crash diets, and lack of proper sleep can also be contributing factors, stated Neha Rastogi, COO & Founder, Agatsa at Elets Global Healthcare Summit & Awards in Dubai. Edited excerpts:

She stated, “Delay in diagnosing and detecting a cardiac problem is a factor that delays the whole process of taking action and treatment. However, technology offers opportunities to combat these risks, including IoT medical devices that can be used at an individual level and can share data instantly with a doctor.”

Agatsa, an end-to-end healthcare management company, has innovated a medical device that makes capturing health data easier. Their 12-lead ECG device is a small device that can be carried anywhere, and individuals can take their ECG by placing their thumbs on the sensor or touching the side sensor on the chest. The complete 12-read medical-grade ECG comes on the individual’s smartphone, which can be instantly shared with a doctor. Algorithms give the first level of interpretation, and the report is reviewed by a panel of doctors on the platform. All data is backed up in the cloud, so past reports can also be accessed to see patterns in ECG and detect any problems.

“Regularly monitoring heart parameters like blood pressure, blood sugar, spo2, and ECG can help predict the possibility of having a disease in the future. AI algorithms can assist in analysing the data and detecting any problems, which can help in the early diagnosis and treatment of cardiac diseases. Remote consultation and quick ambulance systems can also help every individual take their health into their own hands”, added Neha.

Concluding the session, she stated, “Investing in and adopting such technology is crucial to ensure a healthy and happy life for all. By taking a proactive approach to healthcare, individuals can detect any problems early and take action to prevent the occurrence of sudden cardiac arrest and sudden heart attacks. Technology can play a significant role in combating the risks associated with cardiac diseases by providing quick diagnosis and treatment. It is imperative to embrace and utilise such technology to ensure that cardiac diseases do not become a major threat to public health.”

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