Amazon is planning to shut down Amazon Care, the hybrid virtual and in-home care assistance after disbursing years of developing it, which underscores the challenges it encounters as it moves into the health care vertical. According to an email sent to the staff by Neil Lindsay, Senior Vice President of Amazon Health Services, the offering will end this year on December 31.

The determination of Amazon to drag the plug on Amazon Care is actually more surprising given what the company said in February. It was planning to expand the in-person care services. Amazon began offering the service to private employers nationwide, last year.

Amazon Care was recently launched in the year 2019 for Seattle-based Amazon’s Washington state employees, who operated as trial users before the company made it available in 2021 to its workers in all 50 states.

The platform combines patients virtually and effectively with qualified doctors and nurses who can deliver treatment 24*7. It does not have physical locations but presents in-person services in several cities including Seattle and Washington, D.C.

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