Improving healthcare service efficiencies and delivery with AI


Pandemic induced digital transformations have been creating a new world order for the healthcare ecosystem. While the rise of DARQ technologies has been unprecedented in the last few years, transforming businesses and making them adopt digitization to remain relevant in the present times, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has caused the most visible impact. AI has become an integral element and tool to chart business strategies along with becoming an essential tool in day-to-day human lives, giving it a new meaning while transforming every possible experience.

And one of the facets that have seen tremendous evolution has been patient engagement. The role of Conversational AI or chatbots is redefining the access to care. As covid expanded its presence across the globe, the need for contactless connectivity, with the key enablers across the healthcare value chain, became pertinent. This gnawing gap was fulfilled by voice or text-based chatbots and virtual assistants. These virtual tools became indispensable elements for communication and guidance for patients to administer their own treatment at home. By making use of messaging apps (WhatsApp, SMS) and chatbots, healthcare providers, during the pandemic, were able to maintain or even improve the patient experience and enabled patient care from home at their convenience.

Conversational AI technology is helping restructure and automate many diverse processes. They are also serving the purpose of catering to serve the desire for instant gratification of a wider populace. AI enabled chatbots have been allowing patients to have the luxury of booking appointments sitting in the comfort of their surroundings instead of travelling all the way to the medical centres. The virtual assistants have acquired the intelligence to humanize conversations and try to provide the best possible solutions by understanding the symptoms and health concerns. They have also been providing assistance in online prescription refills, web-based symptom checkers among others.

While the world may still be grappling with strains of the pandemic, digital trends in healthcare will only accelerate in the times to come. And this is not only beneficial for the end users, i.e. the patients, but also the providers as it addresses the issue of manpower shortage that has been a bane in the healthcare ecosystem for long, which only heightened during the pandemic.

AI-enabled chatbots can prove to be the key to accelerate patient engagement and monitoring of patients to make life and work easy for healthcare providers. To know more about the use-cases of this explore the eBook, brought together by Gupshup and Elets eHealth that aims to unravel why Conversational AI is such an exciting new development in the healthcare industry. The eBook will also explore how conversational AI can empower the healthcare sector to upgrade their processes through powerful platforms.

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