BPL Alpinion Ecube 8 for All Ultrasound Imaging Purpose

Ecube 8 cv front view

BPL Alpinion systems provide an affordable solution for enhancing the imaging experience with the latest addition of power view technology and crystal signature in the mid-range segment. The company has the Ecube 8 series in the premium mid-range segment, which caters to all kinds of ultrasound imaging. For any radiologist, image quality is the most important criterion to make a diagnosis, the company said.


According to the company, its Ecube 8 series provides “excellent” image quality and colour pick up through its wide variety of transducers.

BPL Alpinion Ecube 8 Ultrasound brought Power View technology, which “enhances” efficiency through heat dissipation of transducers. In a daily practice where transducers have been used for long hours, they tend to heat and as a result, loses efficiency day by day but with the help of Power View technology transducers have a “longer” life and more durability, the company also said.

In power view technology there is a cooling architecture integrated which doesn’t allow the crystal to heat and as a result adds more life to the transducers. This Power view technology not only helps transducers to keep it cool but also provides better penetration and higher resolution to the user, it added.


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Another well-known technology available in BPL Alpinion Ecube 8 ultrasound is Crystal Signature. BPL Alpinion ultrasound products are based on PMN-PT (lead-magnesium-niobate lead-titanate) single crystal technology in transducers. PMN-PT single crystal technology is far “superior” to Piezoelectric single crystal technology since it has more bandwidth and as a result, more detailed and lower noise images can be produced, the company further added.

This technology requires less voltage compared to PZT single crystal, therefore, less waste of heat which adds longer life to transducers and more bandwidth.

In ultrasound imaging where the main challenge is to get the best diagnostic images even in obese patients Power view technology and Crystal signature will help Radiologists or Sonologists to overcome such issues and can confidently report diagnosis.

Along with “excellent” image quality and colour pick up Ecube 8 series provides advanced software for 3D/4D, Needle Vision, Auto NT, Auto IMT, Stress Echo, Strain Echo, etc, the company said.


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