OMNI Hospitals go out of way to support needy amidst COVID-19 lockdown

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The OMNI Group of Hospitals of INCOR Group headquartered in Hyderabad and its employees have come forward to help the needy and support personnel in the time of lockdown.

One day while going to the hospital, Dr Manjunath at OMNI Hospitals, Kukatpally saw few people struggling for food. He shared the details of the incident with his colleagues at the hospital and what followed was a movement where all staff of the hospital and other group hospitals of OMNI worked on a plan to feed the needy in the neighbourhood.

They took the help of local police to identify such families and distributed ration to poor families. Also, they were told about migrant workers who were in the neighbourhood living in confined spaces. The doctors at the hospital arranged a session for them on precautions to be taken in the lockdown and gave them food for the day.

Commenting the initiative, Dr Nageswar K, Group COO, OMNI Hospitals said, “We come to the hospital every day and in the process observed some people in the neighbourhood needed essentials like food, water, medicines etc. That is what made us to think of reaching out to them. The initiative was led by our employees and we thank them profusely for their sentiment towards the society. Our Doctors also came forward and helped and we are profoundly grateful to them as well. Also, we are thankful to the police who helped us executing the plan effectively.”

Similar efforts were planned in other hospitals of OMNI in Nampally, Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam. Employees contributed and reached out to needy and poor to help them with ration, food etcto ease their state in this lockdown. The employees led the initiative in all OMNI Hospitals and stepped forward to help the poor and needy in the neighbourhood.

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