‘Meaningful partnership between public and private institutions needs to build up’

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Experts participating during a panel discussion at Healthcare Summit

Public Private Partnership (PPP) has become an important aspect of healthcare, playing a crucial role to fill infrastructural gaps of healthcare delivery system across the country, which in turn enables people better healthcare in terms of quality, accessibility and affordability.

This was the crux of the panel discussion based on ‘Role of PPP for Developing Sustainable Healthcare Ecosystem’, held at 2nd Healthcare Innovation Summit in Hyderabad.

J V N Subramanyam, Mission Director, National Health Mission, Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Assam, said: “Assam has been in news for a number of good initiatives undertaken to make healthcare delivery accessible and affordable. Meaningful partnership between public and private institutions needs to build up, which will ultimately determine success of healthcare schemes like Ayushman Bharat.

“Unless private sector understands public health problems, a meaningful partnership would not emerge. The State Government is developing new partnership with private sector and coming up with innovative ways (boat clinics) to enhance patient care,” he further stated.

“Today, technology is playing a pivotal role in healthcare delivery. The Government of India through National Health Mission (NHM) is implementing many projects in PPP mode. The State Governments are also coming up with new innovative projects to cater people with accessible and affordable healthcare,” Selvakumar Devannan, Managing Director, TriMed Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd said.

“TriMed is doing a lot of projects in India especially in Delhi and northern States. We are working on maintenance management, web-based online Dashboard and training programmes for biomedical engineers,” he further stated.

The panelists spoke at length on how PPP model is proving to be an enabler to improve patient care, enabling people to avail quality and accessible healthcare.

PPP in conjunction with technology are helping service providers to strengthen infrastructure in remote areas, experts made a central point at the Summit.

Arpita Khare, Director, Centre for Good Governance, Government of Telangana, said: “The Centre for Good Governance is trying to strengthen the Government in terms of e-Governance and technology aspects so that they can deliver more. We are into policy formulations, assessment and evaluation of various schemes of Government, Blockchain governance and mobile governance. If institutional capacities are properly monitored and accessed, PPP model could be more effective.”

Dr Shashi Bala Singh, Director, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Hyderabad, said innovative techniques are making things easier in healthcare sector.

“We are in the golden era of innovations in healthcare. We have CRISPER technique where you can edit DNA and make embryo of your choice, pre-programmed drone which can collect blood samples from residents of rural village and travel back to capitals. In addition, we have 3-D printing where surgeons can practice complicated procedures before they perform on actual human samples. How will these technologies be absorbed by the individual patient that is something which needs to be focused upon,” Singh said.

Vinod Raj V, Technical Manager, eHealth, Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Kerala said the State was at the forefront having better healthcare delivery system.

“We have been running eHealth project for past four years. Soon, the project will be implemented across the State in primary healthcare centres and up to tertiary care centres. In addition, we have ‘one patient one EMR’ which helps patient to access medical records anytime, anywhere. They don’t need to carry medical records everywhere. Patients’ active involvement on what kind of care they are catered to, gives them a sense of satisfaction,” Vinod Raj V said.

Shedding light on a range of services and product offerings they cater patient with, Dr S P Ganesan, CEO  & Medical Director, Hitech Diagnostic Centre, said: “started almost 32 years ago, Hitech Diagnostic is an ISO certified and enable Accreditation Company. We have more than 90 collection centres across southern States. Hitech is the first private laboratory to offer approved viral testing for HIV Hepatitis C, A, and other retro viruses.”

“We adopt best practices and maintain high quality in clinical tests. Point of care equipments and self testing will be more prevalent in coming years,” he further stated.


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