Scientists identify molecule to boost skin cancer treatment

Scientists have identified a molecule to boost the immune system ability to counter skin cancer.

The molecule called Diprovocim and can draw cancer-fighting cells to tumour sites by adding to the vaccine.

Some experiments suggest that the therapy can work significantly in cases where drug therapy alone is not working.

“This co-therapy produced a complete response — a curative response — in the treatment of melanoma,” said Dale Boger, Professor, Scripps Research, US.

The vaccine is also equipped to prevent cancer recurrence.

“Just as a vaccine can train the body to fight off external pathogens, this vaccine trains the immune system to go after the tumour,” Boger added.

Diprovocim works as an “adjuvant,” a molecule added to a vaccine to fire up the body’s immune response.

The molecule is easy to synthesise in the lab with the easy modification ability. This quality makes it good for use in combination with medicine.

Its survival rate is 100 percent when tested over 54 days in the mice given the cancer vaccine and Diprovocim.

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