Wonder Water to keep your fruits and veggies fresh

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Wonder Water to keep your fruits and veggies fresh

In order to protect our fruits and vegetables from E. coil, fungus and other microbes, Institute of Plasma Research (IPR) has developed Wonder Water, which once dipped in water, fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and potatoes remain bright and fresh for 40 days.    

The recent invention is attributed to IPR scientists who developed this Plasma Activated Water (PAW) system at its Facilitation Centre for Industrial Plasma Technologies (FCIPT) in Gandhinagar. According to the scientists it was developed over past few months where the reaction between normal water and non-thermal plasma gives wonder liquid.

According to the senior FCIPT-IPR scientist, PAW is much stronger to kill bacteria at higher oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). PAW with an ORP of high 800 millivolt can eliminate E. coli in a matter of seconds.

Apparently, PAW also can be helpful to farmers, traders and housewives by being an ideal preservatory for vegetable and fruits.  

APD head Dr S K Nema said, Tomatoes and potatoes washed once in PAW made them look fresh for nearly 40 days at room temperature.

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