Healtho: Empowering People to Manage Health Records

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Healtho is a revolutionary digital platform that makes recording, retri and analysis of its users health records and reports about the irregularities in their health condition in seamless manner, says Madhusudan Phadke, Founder and Managing Director, Healtho, in an interview with Mukul Kumar Mishra of Elets News Network(ENN).

Q Healtho is an innovative solution which helps its users to take better healthcare decisions, what motivated you to start Healtho?

My two decades of experience running several healthcare projects gave me a great understanding of doctor and patient interactions. In most interactions, I observed patients lacked a good understanding of their health conditions.

The key reason for this is patients typically visit doctors to cure their illness and all they get is prescriptions which then became the chemists job to interpret and give them medicines.

In this transaction there are two areas of concern. Firstly the doctors have limited information about the patients earlier health history and limited time to diagnose. Secondly, most of the patients are not self conscious and dont realise the value of maintaining their health history i.e. health becomes important only during onset of illness.

Because of this even with best intentions of doctor, the diagnosis process becomes weaker. With lack of patients health (history) information and increasing pressure on doctors to do faster diagnosis due to decreasing available time, diagnosis becomes severely impacted thereby impacting patients adversely.

Imagine what if people are able to store their health information systematically with ease and able to access it whenever they want. What if they can share required information with their trusted ones and their doctors. Will it not open a new world for people to develop a proactive health mindset and for doctors to do better cure?

A team of six senior business leaders with cross domain expertise joined hands to pursue one vision on how to empower a common man to take better and informed health decisions. It took us nearly two years to come up with this innovative business concept. We see Healtho as a great enabler to drive people towards getting more health conscious and making more informed decisions relating to their health. Empowering people for better health became our key motivation on our journey to start Healtho.

Q How the Healtho caters to all the requirement of every stakeholder of healthcare ecosystem?

To start with, users are required to upload their existing health records on Healtho by logging in to their respective account. To enable people to have a richer health profile, Healtho also provides a questionnaire that they can fill up and the same can be uploaded to Healtho site.

Based on the initial information uploaded, Healtho users may be advised to undergo certain tests to assess their exact medical condition. The test reports are then uploaded to Healtho. In case of any existing illness, users can visit their doctors for treatment and share their relevant profile information with their doctors also. The soft copy of doctors prescription can be uploaded to Healtho for updating their health record. Users are encouraged to keep it updated with any or all recent health information they have with them. In certain situations, Healtho may also advise users to take second opinion for a certain illness they are getting cured for.

Healtho enables users to manage their health records much better, by providing easy access to their health information anywhere and anytime, by providing insights about their health condition and enabling more informed decision making among others.

It is important to emphasise that Healtho also helps doctors to diagnose and prescribe much better. Healtho has a section called Medical History where users can upload all medical information about their earlier illness, their parents and also earlier generations . It provides insights to doctors and helps them understand more about a users health condition. The medical history section has been made based on our discussions with doctors panel and specialists. The idea is to enable doctors to get a clear picture about the user in a short span of time. Considering that the average time a doctor dedicates his or her patients for diagnosis of any disease is around seven minutes, such handy information about patients helps doctors diagnose better and prescribe better treatment.

For example, incase of a diabetic patient, doctors cant have the information about patients data for more than three months. But through the Healtho dashboard , the doctors can view the details of patients sugar levels in a graphical format from the time diabetes was detected along with his or her Body Mass Index (BMI), pulse rate and information of any other organ health condition. The information is usually presented in date range.

Similarly, the dashboard is like a secretary for users and guides them on the ups and downs of their health conditions.

Visiting a doctor and visiting a hospital are two different scenarios. A doctor to whom you are visiting for last many years may be aware about your health condition a bit but we go to hospital only in a critical condition. You have to wait for at least a few hours for Blood Pressure (BP) check up, blood and other tests before getting the required treatment.

Under critical health conditions health of patients may worsen due to delays in getting access to health information. Patients Healtho dashboard may help the hospital to understand patients health condition in few minutes leading to early treatment. Healtho can also help the insurance companies in a way that they can provide better coverage and more customised plans to customers.

Healtho guides it users for improving their health conditions on regular basis and alarms them before the onset of a sever health problem. It saves its users by early indication thereby reducing costly health expenses and also saves insurance companies from claims.

Q You provide a wide range of healthcare services to your customers like online booking of medical tests and ambulance, how does this exactly work?

We are facilitating things. These services are provided through the various organisations whom we have partnered. Lets say a person wants to go for a blood test in Noida. From the list of our channel partners, he/ she can book for the test. The reports will automatically be uploaded on the dashboard with all the details.

Q Please give brief details about Healtho Baby Care and Healtho Diet.

Healtho baby care is about taking care of a childs healthcare from his/her birth to death. The Healtho helps a mother to keep track of all her wards vaccinations and medications. By entering a childs date of birth, the Healtho will inform the parents about the vaccinations at the prescribed time. The Healtho is thus very helpful for working mothers to keep a balance between their profession and childs care.

The Healtho also stores the information about the vaccinations batch number and manufacturing/expiry date which will help the user in case of any side effects caused due to it.

Healtho diet is about providing details to the users on the basis of the data entered by them. It helps the users to eat the food required as per their health conditions.

Q Majority of Indian population still lives in the areas where it is difficult to make them aware about such apps, how are the efforts being made to bridge the gap?

The people in villages are fit than the persons in cities as they have to do a lot of physical activities for their livelihood. To make people aware about the Healtho, our volunteers make a visit to panchayats of several villages. They inform local people about Healthos benefits and how it supports them to search for better healthcare services in their nearby cities.

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