Govt to open Yoga, Ayush centres in AIIMS

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Union Minister of State for Health Ashwini Choubey has said the Government will soon open yoga and ayush centres in the All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

Stating the Governments commitment to enhance preventive healthcare in the country, he underscored the importance of yoga in treating critical patients.

“We are planning to open Yoga and Ayush centres in all six AIIMS which are currently functional in the country. Four thousand one hundered patients who had undergone critical operations in AIIMS Delhi have been treated through yoga and ayush methods, the Minister said.

“The status of their recovery in the post operative stage has been very good. We know, medicine is the integral part of treatment but we also need to implement good lifestyle practises like Yoga,” he said.

The Minister also talked about Nipah outbreak which created havoc in Kerala claiming lives of more than 10 people.  It was successfully prevented to turn into a big epidemic, Choubey said.

He also said the influence of fruit bats as the primary source of Nipah outbreak is under scanner.

“Nipah is not epidemic. So there is no need to get alarmed. There should be no panic among people. Also the outbreak is under control. No new incidents have been reported,” the minister said.

In a bid to strengthen existing healthcare delivery process, the Government will transform 1.5 lakh health sub-centres across the country into wellness centers. Those centres will have improved facilities to cater people, he said.

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