medECUBE: Next-Gen Healthcare Delivery System

Dr Dilpreet Brar

medECUBE is a next generation healthcare delivery system that makes clinical coordination central, while utilising existing hospitals and doctors for what they are good at “ clinical excellence, says Dr Dilpreet Brar, Founder, CEO & MD, medECUBE Healthcare in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

Q Give us an overview of the medECUBEs role in healthcare.

It is an everyday story of yours and mine. For instance, Baljit, a 16-yearold boy from Bhatinda, in Punjab, was diagnosed with epilepsy 10 years ago. He had been on medication since then, yet regularly suffering from seizures. Last year. medECUBE sought a second opinion from a Stanford neurologist, who decided to involve a psychiatrist – because the symptoms, when studied in detail, did not fit into the usual diagnosis of Epilepsy. The result: diagnosis was not epilepsy at all, but rather a psychological state. The parents of the child trusted the second opinion, discussed with their physician in India and decided to follow the advice they got from Stanford. The patient is off the medication completely, and is on psychotherapy. Most importantly, he is seizure free for the past one year. Clearly, in this case, the second opinion was not just a good idea. It was essential.

What can be seen from this instance is that there is need for an independent coordination “ at a clinical level “ to ensure that all the dots are connected. Patients are not equipped to do that. Their families are not equipped to do that. Hospitals, while they do have the ability, do not have the processes to do that.

In 2017, medECUBE coordinated healthcare “ at a clinical level – for 9000 patients and their families. That was the first full year of the companys existence

Q How did idea of medECUBE originate?

I spent my entire career either in direct clinical practice, or in managing hospitals. In seeing the system “ upclose and personal – from the inside, one thing became obvious to me: while clinical excellence was central, coordination of clinical was incidental. Yet, most of the frustration of consumers, and a majority of the mishaps happen because of lack of clinical coordination, and not lack of clinical excellence.

I asked myself what if we could flip the system, and make clinical coordination central. And do it without losing whats working well – clinical excellence. That would be an entirely new way of delivering healthcare.

That is medECUBE: the next generation healthcare delivery system that makes clinical coordination central, while utilising existing hospitals and doctors for what they are good at “ clinical excellence.

Q How significant is medECUBEs role in healthcare?

We deliver only one service “ clinical coordination of healthcare for people:

FROM” Anywhere (they could be anywhere in the world)

TO ” Anywhere (their healthcare could be provided anywhere in the world)

IN ” Wellness, sickness and in emergency

AT ” Home, hospital, or in alternative care facility

Clinical coordination across multiple specialists and providers is complex, and requires clinical knowledge beyond the reach of a non-doctor. It entails solving several underlying friction points:

Helping the consumer in selecting the right hospital and doctor, getting the necessary appointments, and navigating the healthcare system.

Getting a second opinion when needed, and reconciling it with the first opinion

Managing records and alerts because health records of people are fragmented, and scattered across multiple places

Connecting the dots while anticipating the pros and cons of every step in the chain of delivering healthcare to the consumer (as opposed to reacting, after the fact).

We have agreements with over 150 hospitals across the world “ in India, Thailand, Singapore, USA, UK, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Middle- East and Africa. We also have over 100 Key Opinion Leader (KOL) clinicians on our global panel of second opinion providers. For people specifically looking for alternatives to Western medicine, we have 10 wellness retreats and alternative medicine facilities.

These partners ensure clinical excellence. And medECUBE ensures clinical coordination.


Q How gratifying has been the journey?

Most importantly, we have helped over 10,000 patients and their families by doing the one thing that we do like no other “ clinical coordination. And we have achieved excellent clinical outcomes for them. Thats the real impact.

To be accessible to these patients, we have opened regional offices in 12 countries. In addition, we have outreach programmes in 25 more countries.

Let me tell you a poignant story from a patient from one of these countries “ Cameroon. At 8:30 PM one night in late December last year, a query popped up on medECUBEs dashboard. It was a cry for help from a brother in Cameroon whose sister Helen had been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. The skill required for surgical intervention was not obviously available locally. On January 4th, Helen got treated at Max Super Specialty hospital in Saket, New Delhi. Sounds simple enough? A total of 50+ steps, everything from the first query “ that resulted from a Google search by the brother “ until the patient returned to Cameroon safely, were coordinated by medECUBE. Whats more important is that some of the most immediate steps “ of speaking with multiple hospitals, selecting the right one, and getting a visa invite letter to Cameroon, as well as several anxiety-calming phone calls between a medECUBE physician and Helens family -were all completed within hours of the initial query.

Q What is this medECUBE dashboard?

medECUBE uses a system “ comprised of people and information technology tools to perform clinical coordination. It is a high-touch system, where the clinician plays a central role in coordinating care for the consumer and is supported by a strong backbone of information technology.

medECUBE app is available on both Android and Apple platforms. These are tied to a back-end that manages the entire gamut of data through a variety of dashboards.

Q What is your long-term goal?

My goal is to redesign healthcare by flipping it a full 180 degrees. I want to make clinical coordination central to healthcare delivery. And I want medECUBE to touch 10 million lives as soon as possible.

medECUBE: A Novel Approach to Delivering Healthcare

Offering a new definition to healthcare, medECUBE, which serves as a Clinical Coordination Concierge, is focussing on delivering a crucial service ” coordinating healthcare for people.

medecube Products

medECUBE services are available in form of seven products – customized to the specific needs of specific type of consumer

medECUBE GLOBE: Coordination of care for patients globally “ from anywhere, to anywhere

medECUBE CIRCLE Coordination of care for parents of NRIs “ adding a trusted doctor to the family circle

medECUBE DOTS: Coordination of care for patients domestically “ connecting the dots “ between the patient, family, and doctors

medECUBE LINK: Coordination of care remotely, via teleconsultation, tele radiology, tele pathology, tele genetics

medECUBE VITALITY: Coordination of care for patients seeking alternative medicine, rehab, and rejuvenation

medECUBE SPACE: Help define, build, and operationalize assets (hospitals, etc.) when there is a shortage of supply

medECUBE AFFINITY: Help specialists create awareness about their clinical programs amongst public and physicians

medECUBE also got empanelled with NABH – Medical Value Travel Facilitator (MVTF) Certification.

An Illustrious Life Sketch At A Glance

Founded and led by Dr Dilpreet Brar, medECUBE today is an asset-less Clinical Coordination Concierge, which makes healthcare a hassle-free experience for their consumer.

Enriched with an in-depth knowledge and experience gained over two-and-a-half decades, both on the clinical and management side of the profession, Dr Brar has a first hand understanding for all the key pain-points of consumers and healthcare practitioners, making her ideally suited to pioneer this concept.

Dr Dilpreet Brar

After decades-long professional journey in the healthcare field, Dr Brar has to her credit successful conceptualisation, launch and management of over a dozen hospitals across Delhi-NCR and Punjab.

Having completed her medical education from Punjab University, Dr Brar immersed herself into clinical practice in Chandigarh and Ludhiana.

She shifted to Delhi to join the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital as a Resident Medical Officer and thereafter ascended the corporate ladder to hold many prestigious management positions.

At Max Healthcare, she served as an utive Director for 10 years and then moved to Fortis as Regional Director. She steered FMRI (Fortis Memorial Research Institute) from its inception to it becoming a $100 Million business in mere three years. Meanwhile, she also completed the General Management Programme at Harvard Business School in 2010.

Dr Brar today understands the peoples pulse, especially of helpless patients requiring a genuinely caring and healing hand.

Her work ethic is relentless, her style of leadership hands-on, and her approach to clinical care, trans-disciplinary.

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