Fortis Mala Hospital

Doctors at Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai saved a 66-year-old man admitted with Zero Pulse in the hospital recently.

A swift and effective treatment by a team of doctors led by Dr Madan Mohan, Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Fortis Malar Hospital saved the man from rare medical condition called Cardiogenic Shock.

It is serious medical condition of a patient where heart doesnt able to pump sufficient amount of blood as it is required by the human body. Cardiogenic Shock is rare condition which needs immediate attention. If not treated immediately it can be fatal.

Responding to the development, Dr Madan Mohan said, Cardiogenic shock is a very rare condition which is often caused by a severe heart attack. However, not every heart attack experiences this rare condition. This condition can be lethal if not treated on time. Luckily, the patient was brought & treated within 20 minutes after his collapse which was very important.

The patient felt a heavy heart and fainted while he was at home having his breakfast. When he was rushed with a trailing pulse rate to the hospital, he underwent Cardiogenic Shock with Zero pulse caused by a severe heart attack as soon as he was taken inside the emergency room.

The heart ventricles were failing function leading to irregular blood circulation. A CPR was immediately performed and subsequently taken to the Cath Lab for further treatment.

A crucial investigation led the treating team of doctors to place an inter-aortic balloon pump (IABP) to increase supply of oxygen to the heart muscle.

Cardiogenic shock is one of the most common cause of death among patients with acute myocardial infraction.

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