AKAS Medical: Providing Technologically Advanced Solutions

Cloud computing is essential in database management of patients. We are going to launch patient monitors so that the vital signs of a patient will be available on the cloud, says Arjun Sooraj, CEO, AKAS Medical, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

Q AKAS Medical is known for providing excellent services to its clients with its innovative, cost effective and quality products. Over the years, how have you improvised in terms of latest technologies?

Quality of our products is improved every three months in the backdrop of technological advancements and latest innovations in the healthcare sector. We launch new models of the same product in every three to five years which are equipped with latest technology.

Our infusion pump that we launched as AKAS Infu 505 in 1998 has been replaced by AKAS infu 5005. It is far more advanced in terms of accuracy, compatibility to all disposables and many other features inherent to the product. Our every product has evolved with time.

‹‹Q In the age of Internet, people do have all the information on their fingertips about services and products of a company. How do you cater to these high demanding patients?

We make available mobile apps to register complaints and order spares. In addition, our field staff can take customer feedback through apps. We do not directly deal with patients, we cater to hospitals and hospitals ultimately make our services available to patients.

We always strive to excel and harness technology to provide best services. Today our sales staff can see customer information on their mobile phones. They can update customer responses on their mobile phones through audio and video feedback.

Q Shed some light over your latest products under clinical division. How do these work?

We have 2 innovative products under the clinical division. One is a 7 parameter machine used in OPD called the Quick vital Sign. You can measure the height, weight, BMI, non contact temperature, NIBP, Pulse Rate and Spo2%. This machine is for every OPD.

We have another product called the Drip Sure. It is an infusion controller which is needed for every bed. It is close to half the price of an infusion pump. It controls the flow rate of IV Drip.

We have seen an overwhelming response for these products.

‹‹Q Healthcare ecosystem is getting transformed with the help of latest technologies i.e cloud computing, IoT and Artificial Intelligence. As an expert how do you analyse the growth of Indian healthcare Industry?

Healthcare industry is adapting to newer technologies like communication, whereby patients vital signs are transmitted over the internet to hospitals and doctors / experts who are in cities. Cloud computing is essential in database management of patients.

Soon, we are going to launch patient monitors so that the vital signs of a patient will be available on the cloud. Growth of healthcare industry is likely to remain at 12 to 15 per cent in Indian context. This is directly linked with the growth of the economy.


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