Columbia Asia HospitalsDoctors at Bangalore-based Columbia Asia Hospitals have saved the leg of a 16-year-old Iraqi boy from getting amputated after performing a successful surgery against a moderate but rare bone cancer osteosarcoma.  

The surgery involved a process called limb salvage or limb-sparing in which a tumor, along with bone and tissue around the tumor, was removed and a prosthetic implant was usedwithout removing the entire limb.

We didnt know how much of cancer had proliferated the bone on the joint areas of hip, thigh and knee. At first, a chemotherapy was opted but to no avail. Then, we had to finally go for a customized implant, wherein the bone and the cancer were cut off, Dr Ravichandra Kelkar, Consultant (Orthopedics) of Columbia Asia Hospitals said.

Previously, when the boy was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, many doctors suggested amputation, as limb-sparing is a rare and difficult surgery.

The boy was in a moderate stage of cancer and any longer wait would have resulted in an extreme step. Now, the boy is able to walk around, and recuperating fast, the hospitals, owned by 150 private equity companies, said in an official statement.

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