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IVH: A Reliable Companion of Medical Travellers

India Virtual Hospitals technology backbone is designed in such a manner that it can handle thousands of patients queries with minimal manual intervention under predefined sets of quality parameters, says Gaurav Pandey, Co-founder and Lead-Information Technology, India Virtual Hospital (IVH), in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).


What are the challenges faced by patients seeking tertiary care and how technology is solving them?

The patient treatment journey has many challenges – right diagnosis of medical problem, selection of best doctor, best line of treatment etc. At IVH, we strive to address all such challenges using technology as enabler and mapping all stakeholders in a cohesive manner. We have developed mobile apps which allow patients from any part of world to share their medical problems with us through one simple form or just a tap on the screen. The app talks to a web based ERP solution which assists our doctors to follow standardised protocols to link patient queries with the best available medical expertise in India. Our technology as backbone is designed in such a manner that it can handle thousands of patient queries with minimal manual intervention under predefined sets of quality parameters.

In conjunction with our business theme “ a total unbiased and neutral platform to facilitate medical travellers, our mobile app presents best suited doctors and hospitals to the patients and facilitate a personalised connect between doctor and patient which includes video or tele-consultation, email advise or scheduling an appointment as per mutual convenience.


What are the additional features in the app which makes it more useful for a patient?

Our app has integrated features for patient education. This Patient Education section hosts series of video and text materials related to various medical issues and acts as myth buster. Our patients can refer to any topic of relevance using category wise listing and smart search options. The Patient Likewise Me section facilitates connection with another patient who has undergone the treatment and has his own experience to share with the patient who is recommended to undergo similar surgery or treatment. A challenge faced by the patients and their family members and referring doctors is that they do not have access to the patient treatment journey and they have to rely on telephonic calls, which at times is not feasible.

Our app enables our hospital companions to mark all milestones during patient treatment journey and all regular updates get exchanged with patients and their family members and referring doctors to put their anxieties at rest. In a patient treatment cycle, the element of personal care is and will remain the most prudent component but with technology we can ensure better turnaround time, error free handing of patient queries, realtime knowledge exchange amongst all stakeholders, establishment of connect between patient and doctor and patient and another patient (patient likewise me), access to educational material, etc.

How can you ensure the best user experience to your patients?

Our technology backbone is built on most advanced mobile and web platforms, which offers fast, secure and reliable interface to our patients. The interface has been developed in Hindi and English and soon we will offer more language options to our patients. Data security and protection of patients medical records can cause serious threat. As a policy, we have very stringent data protection and confidentiality policies in place which are a no compromise zone for all. Our mobile apps and ERP solution are developed under the best coding standards of the industry. In addition, our hosting platforms are secured under multitier firewalls with adequate measures of business continuity planning and disaster recovery protocols.

We also use tele-medicine solutions to offer medical advice to our patients in various parts of India and abroad using real-time video and data exchange amongst patient and doctors in multiple geographical locations.

Please provide a brief description about Patient Care app.

At IVH, our technology offerings are designed and developed to ensure volume handling of patient queries and treatment bookings. Our apps also offer patient treatment journey mapping and informs all stakeholders involved in real time. Our dashboards gives a birds eye view with drill down data digging facilities to our patient care partners, who can track the status of all cases referred by them. We also maintain the secured repository of all communication for future references. Our modules are equipped with smart BI features to assist management to see the exceptions and areas which need interventions.

The patient influx is on increase and with every passing day we are engaging new patient care partners in various geographies and to complement this, our digital marketing drive is also resulting in more patient queries. The main essence of our apps and technology offerings to enable our patient query handling desk, Hospital Companion desk, IVH Concierge desk and recovery assistance desk to handle volume of such requests and collectively support each steps in harmony and to ensure smooth data flow amongst each steps involved in patient treatment journey. We aim to bring efficiencies, reduce TATs and equip our field operations with complete and correct piece of information.

Data Security And Protection Of Patients Medical Records Can Cause Serious Threat. As A Policy, We Have Very Stringent Data Protection And Confidentiality Policies In Place Which Are A No Compromise Zone For All. Our Mobile Apps And ERP Solution Are Developed Under The Best Coding Standards Of The Industry.

To summarise, I wish to humbly submit that we have ambitious plans to reach out to patients in large numbers in vast geographies in India and abroad with SOPs to handle each of the patient query with personal touch and our technology offerings are being engineered to touch all said items in a cohesive manner.

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