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Ekansh Tiwari
Founder, Epilen

Epilen is a tech startup redesigning the way healthcare works by combining software, artificial intelligence, hardware and actual doctors “ practicing all under one roof. Epilen was founded in January 2017 and led being by Ekansh Tiwari, a 25-year-old entrepreneur. Epilen is a self-funded company and backed by the support from government bodies.



Heres a new startup to keep an eye on “ Epilen, which plans to digitise health information across the globe by working with some of the best hospitals and healthcare systems.

Its hard to say what that means exactly. For now, the Epilen Website is pretty much designed to provide the broader vision.


Todays healthcare experience has remained unchanged from decades. Doctors are still writing things down on post-it notes. Every piece of software looks like it was built to be an elaborate form of punishment! At the same time, we are awash in data that is currently being underutilised even though it may represent a treasure trove of potential solutions to countless medical and public health problems.


The first solution of Epilen is a software that collects peoples health data -records it in an organised digital format, and makes it available to the patient and their care team round the clock. Furthermore, Epilen drives the business as a membership plan that pairs each patient with a world-class physician who uses new Epilen technology, real-time analytics, and the companys software to build a personal health view for each patient, which offers a complete picture of their health along with a personalized plan for helping them to lead a healthier and happier life.

Big Picture

Speaking of the big picture, Epilen Founder, Ekansh Tiwari who is working in this field from past three years says, Our long-term plan is to build a sustainable model of healthcare that improves medicine by digitising healthcare, increasing access, and opening the way for truly personalised care where it is needed most. We have a long way to go in making what we do affordable for everyone, but, fortunately, the same technologies that make the system smarter also make it cheaper over time.

Epilen can be reached at care@ epilen.com for any inquiries or if any hospital or doctor is interested to work with us!

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