Indegene, a global healthcare solutions provider, and Microsoft Corp have collaborated to deliver the next generation of commercial cloud applications to life sciences industry, it was announced on Tuesday.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales will combine with the Indegene Omnipresence platform to create a modern, mobile, multichannel CRM solution specifically for sales and medical representatives to better engage healthcare practitioners. The solution will help simplify digital content development and management as well as provide in-line analytics and optimisation to support the representatives and improve the customer experience.

Indegene and Microsoft will focus on addressing the specific challenges faced by life science manufacturers. The global healthcare marketplace demands purpose built tools that can help engage stakeholders across all channels, proactively deliver unique insights for healthcare providers and reps, and drive positive business outcomes.

This new strategic alliance will enable technology integrations that can offer a comprehensive, highly innovative commercial cloud for life sciences frontline professionals.

Just some of the planned advancements include a conversational CRM interface using voice recognition technology and true mobile-first CRM functionality acting as a launch pad the for reps daily activities. Omnipresence will also tear down the barriers of content creation by offering content authoring, approval and distribution tools designed specifically for life sciences.

Finally, robust analytics, complete with machine learning, will be built directly into everyday tasks and workflows, creating seamless, data-driven recommendations with predictive and prescriptive insights. Omnipresence customers will be able to deliver consistent and relevant customer experiences across all touch points, while giving their frontline teams the tools they need to engage and connect with their healthcare provider customers.

We are excited to combine Indegene’s Omnipresence solution and extensive life sciences expertise with our Dynamics 365 customer engagement platform, said Jujhar Singh, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Dynamics 365. This potent combination will give life sciences organisations and their sales, medical and support teams the very best in platform, productivity and engagement processes built into an industry-focused application designed to meet their unique needs.

Availability of the solution is expected by July 2017, with global deployments to follow. The Indegene Omnipresence for life sciences cloud will be deployable as a complete solution or individual modules, to fit an organisations unique needs today and grow with them as their needs evolve.

Together with Microsoft, we are building the new global standard for life sciences commercial clouds, said Sanjay Virmani, EVP of Indegene.

Current enterprise commercial cloud solutions for life sciences are not keeping up with the needs of healthcare professionals and industry reps, yet they continue to charge high subscription fees. In this rapidly evolving industry, it is important to be able to analyse key markers”such as utilisation rates by reps, depth of responses by HCPs and the overall return on investment”to deliver a high quality of care and service while keeping costs down. Our joint customers will benefit from a solution built with improved business outcomes in mind.

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