Strand Life Sciences, an Indian major in genomic profiling and bioinformatics, has expanded its onco-genomic portfolio in India with globally benchmarked StrandAdvantage 152-gene test that will offer clinically actainable advice to oncologist on the effeciacy or toxity of chemotherapy and radiotheraphy to the pateints.

With the expansion of the StrandAdvantage portfolio, additional tests will be added to the existing tissue-specific tests for colon, lung, and breast cancers, and the 48-gene test for rare and aggressive cancers, the company said.

Refering to a joint study published by the CHI Institute for Research and Innovation, Centre for Translational Research, Dr Ramesh Hariharan, Chief utive Officer, Strand Life Sciences, said, The CHI study showed that across the 10 solid tumour samples sent to all four test providers, StrandAdvantage 152 reports compared with the best in the world, and in some cases, provided even more precise assessment of genomic variants.

StrandAdvantage 152 covers additional genes carefully chosen by a team of scientists, including those implicated in known cancer genetic pathways by the latest research and clinical investigations, according to the company.

The StrandAdvantage 152 report also matches any mutations identified in the test to information on global clinical drug trials and gives clinically actionable advice on the efficacy or toxicity of chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy as an additional service to physicians and patients, it addded.

“Strands NGS-based genomic profiling service provides a comprehensive view of genomic changes in an easy-to-read report enabling oncologists to make optimised treatment decisions. IHC (Immunohistochemistry) and FISH (Fluorescence in situ hybridisation) based results for relevant biomarkers and genes are also provided as part of the StrandAdvantage tissue-specific test within 10 days from submitting a sample,” Strand Life said.

“Many IHC markers that have been added are novel and unique to StrandAdvantage. For example, PD-L1, an IHC marker, is a vital marker used for treatment planning of immunotherapy,” it added.

Building on the already accredited StrandAdvantage 48-gene Test, Strand has been working actively on attaining CAP and NABL accreditation for StrandAdvantage 152 in alignment with its strategy and quality commitment towards the physician and patient community.

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