Palladium: Transforming Lives Through Linking Social and Financial Impact

palladium-1Palladium has been successfully delivering solutions to stakeholders including investors, corporations, governments and non-State actors to devise mechanisms that blend private capital with public funds to support the achievement of enduring common good.


Palladium is a leading international project management and consulting company specialising in strategy development and ution, feasibility studies, designs, and the implementation, management and uation of both government and commercial large-scale projects for government agencies, private clients and international development agencies

Palladium “ Key Functions and Services

Palladium is a global leader in the development and delivery of Positive Impact – the point where commercial and social goals are inextricably linked, and social and financial impacts are equally considered. We work with investors, corporations, governments, and non-profit organisations to deliver solutions that transform lives. Through this work with businesses, communities, societies and economies, we help to create enduring value.


Over the past 50 years, Palladium has implemented more than 700 largescale multi-year programmes in 120 countries worldwide. We currently have 2,500 personnel in our 30 major offices. We have 30 years of continuous experience working effectively with central, state and district governments in India, predominantly in the health sector, including 13 years of experience in implementing publicprivate partnership (PPP) social marketing and social franchising RMNCH+A activities in Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Odisha and Bihar.

Understanding Development Impact Bonds

Palladium, supported by Convergence (the first and only blended finance platform), has led the development of a maternal and newborn health (MNH) intervention aimed at improving MNH outcomes in the state of Rajasthan using an innovative financing mechanism known as a Development Impact Bond. Development Impact Bonds are result-based contracts in which private investors provide prefinancing for social programmes, while public sector agencies pay back investors their principal plus a return if and only if, these programmes succeed in delivering social outcomes.

Development Impact Bonds provide a much greater incentive for feedback loops to collect and monitor data that supports informed decision-making during programme implementation by the service provider.

Palladium is working with investors, outcome funders, the Government of Rajasthan, service providers, legal counsel in both the United Kingdom (UK) and India, and a UK-based leading proponent of impact bonds to finalise the design of this tool so that the investor funds can be raised, and the implementation activities can commence as quickly as possible thereafter.

By tying investors financial returns to the achievement of social outcomes, Development Impact Bonds create a distinct stakeholder group with a strong incentive to ensure effective and efficient delivery of outcomes. Private investors whose financial returns are tied to achieving social outcomes make the process of monitoring and ultimately achieving the agreed outcome targets more rigorous. These types of mechanisms are therefore a very concrete articulation of Palladiums vision for the future “ a world where private capital and private markets and private business arent just encouraged to work with public and non-state agencies towards common goals, but where tools exist that give these sometimes uncomfortable bedfellows a space that necessitates this collaboration, and where results and real impact arent the nice to haves “ theyre the reason for our existence!

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