Business Intelligence (BI), new software designed to minimize complications and consumption of papers in the data management of diseases in hospitals. It has been specifically designed to support the central government’s paperless data management programme in hospitals for disease management, outcomes management, clinical performance and process improvement and several types of medical researches which consume a lot of paper.

According to the developers, advantages of the BI software include consolidation and protection of data, since there would be a single-point access to data.

“Through the use of BI, healthcare professionals would have easy access to patient’s data and they can create a variety of classifications/reports based on demographic data, sex, age and so on. There will be reduction in usage of papers in hospitals and medical errors, leading to improved patients safety,” said a statement from the developers.

“By selecting a proper BI tool and correct implementation, we can surely rise above the competition and deliver world-class service to the patients in hospitals,” said the statement quoting Nikhilesh Tiwari, the co-developer of Business Intelligence.

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