Gurmit Singh Chugh

For us, its not about business, but about creating a movement that will empower patients of all economics strata to get quality treatment, states Gurmit Singh Chugh, Managing Director, Translumina Therapeutics exclusively to Elets News Network (ENN)

Please provide details of the path-breaking technologies and projects that Translumina Therapeutics has been part of in the field of cardiac devices.

In the treatment of coronary blockage, it was evident that drug-eluting stents significantly reduced the incidence of restenosis compared with bare-metal stent, but by the late 2000s, the Data Encryption Standard (DES) emerged with its own set of problems with the usage of polymer – the drug-binding agent and the drug coating.

Translumina Therapeutics entered the field of interventional cardiology with the drug-eluting stents having microporous surface and one-fourth polymeric load that have safely reduced the late events. The efficacy of drug has also been improved by abluminal coating on the stent. This is the first patented technology from India for the world.

In order to ensure world-class innovations, one needs best infrastructural facilities/labs for clinical trials, compliance with international standards, etc. What measures and partnerships are being undertaken by Translumina Therapeutics to ensure such facilities are available?

As a company, we strongly believe in innovations with quality at affordable pricing. Translumina Therapeutics has world-class state-of-the-art CEcertified manufacturing facility in Dehradun, India. We manufacture a wide range of quality products to treat cardiovascular aliments of patients. These products adhere to stringent quality controls at all levels of production to ensure highest standards. Our organisation has well experienced and trained personnel managing various key production and quality control departments.

  • Drug-eluting stents is one of the most cutting-edge, nonsurgical techniques that save lives
  • Already in the preclinical phase of developing valves to treat structural heart diseases

In todays global scenario, the key to growth is partnerships that enable synergy of competencies of each partner. Translumina Therapeutics has strategic partnership with Translumina GmbH, Germany for creating world-class products with the highest standard of quality and clinical significance. The research and development (R&D) is jointly carried at Translumina GmbHs facility in Hechingen, Germany. Translumina GmbH and Translumina Therapeutics co-manufacture Yukon Choice PC in their respective facilities. Translumina Therapeutics also shares a partnership with the German Heart Centre Munich, Germany for conducting clinical uations of newer technologies. German Heart Centre has created some landmark research on various technologies and procedures in interventional cardiology to enable cardiologists around the world to optimise their clinical outcomes.

Yukon Choice PC, our flagship product, as a technology has undergone the highest level of clinical uation at German Heart Centre and the data is published in the top international journals, such as Journal of American College of cardiology, European Heart Journal, Eurointervention, etc.

You have vast experience in the field of interventional cardiology, but now we are witnessing a major shift from invasive to noninvasive procedures. Please provide details of the newer technologies and solutions that Translumina Therapeutics has.

The field shift from invasive to minimally invasive procedures in coronary and peripheral vascular procedures is one of the significant innovations over the years that have revolutionised the field of interventional cardiology. Whether you were born with a structural heart defect, or develop a form of heart disease later in life, it can be treated without a major surgery.

Our drug-eluting stents is one of the most cutting-edge, non-surgical techniques that save lives. In addition to that, we are already in the pre clinical phase of developing valves to treat structural heart diseases.

Do you think an ecosystem enabling effective confluence of all stakeholders is emerging in India?

Yes, with the advent of Make in India campaign in healthcare and its alignment with the key government initiatives, technology has created a strong impact on public health.

Key Takeaways
  • World-class state-of-the-art CE-certified manufacturing facility in Dehradun, India
  • Products adhere to stringent quality controls at all levels of production
  • Strategic partnership with Translumina GmbH, Germany for creating world-class products
  • Joint R&D by Translumina GmbH and Translumina Therapeutics
  • Partnership with the German Heart Centre Munich for conducting clinical uations of newer technologies

Translumina Therapeutics was incorporated with an objective of creating technologies which help the physicians in enhancing their clinical outcomes whilst making it affordable for the patients. For the last few decades, most of the newer technologies in interventional cardiology were launched by the United States (US) multinationals, as they had the expertise and the funding needed to create such radical innovations. Most of these technologies have definitely improved the treatment of coronary artery diseases and have been very successful. However, there has been an inheriting limitation in terms of their affordability in developing countries where the insurance and state-run reimbursement schemes only cover a small population and most of the patients have to fund their treatment themselves. In addition, there is also a tremendous cost burden on the insurance and reimbursement sectors in developed countries to sustain such costly treatments. This resulted in search for cost-effective solutions which were met by either outdated technologies of these US multinationals or some smaller companies mushrooming out of Asia and Europe which started offering such complex technologies without the needed clinical uation of these products.

With our rich experience of working with various multinationals in healthcare for more than 16 years, we decided to start Translumina Therapeutics with an objective to manufacture world-class technologies with the highest level of quality and clinical uation at an affordable price. For us, its not about business, but about creating movement that will empower patients of all economics strata to get quality treatment.

With cardiac and lifestyle diseases emerging as one the leading causes of casualties in India, do you see adoption of new-age machines and solution by both public and medical institutes?

The true test of technology and innovation is when it helps the society at large to live a better life and your peers think why they could not think of this idea. In the time to come, the world shall belong to people whose simple ideas backed by relentless ution shall change the way people live and that shall be the true progress of science. The adoption of new-age machines and technology is important for both the public and private entities for the better and cost-effective treatment in India.

The first and the foremost need of the hour is patient awareness. We are working relentlessly to ensure that the patient is aware about the disease which helps in early diagnosis. We also distribute booklets and other information at the clinical and on our websites to ensure that the patient gets the correct information about the treatment and all his or her questions are answered.

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