Q-global: Taking Mental Healthcare to the Next Level in India

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Q-globalPearson, a global learning company, has launched Q-global, India’s first comprehensive and end-to-end online assessment platform for administration, scoring and reporting of psychological tests from Pearson.

Q-global houses gold-standard psychological assessment tools that are used globally by mental health and school professionals, for psychological well-being of their clients/ patients. After a successful launch in the United States (US) and other regions, Pearson Clinical & Talent Assessment, a mental healthcare and talent management business of Pearson, brought this digital solution to India, to empower professionals in India offer high-quality psychological testing services.

Beck Youth Inventories, Second Edition, India (BYI-IIINDIA) is one of the initial Pearson assessments available on Q-global. BYI-IIINDIA helps in identifying emotional difficulties, disruptive behaviour and social impairment in children and adolescents. The list of assessments available on Q-global for India will grow in the coming months.

Who can use Q-global?

  • Mental health professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers
  • School professionals, such as special educators and school counsellors (school teachers, for some assessments)
  • Medical professionals, such as physicians and specialists, who deal with psychological conditions.

What are the features and benefits of Q-global?

  • Portable: Multiple assessments on a single online platform let one conduct assessments anytime, anywhere without having to carry around bulky physical test kits.
  • Secure: Examinee data on Q-global is protected through physical security, administrative safeguards and encryption, ensuring one can optimally protect client/patient’s confidential information.
  • Convenient: Q-global lets a professional quickly and efficiently organise examinee information, generate scores in real-time and produce accurate, comprehensive reports.
  • Time saving: Due to its online nature, ease of managing multiple assessments and automatic scoring and reporting, using Q-global for psychological assessment results in saving valuable professional time.
  • Affordable: The professional pays per test report and not for the platform. Hence, this is cost-effective compared to paying for a physical test kit where the cost of purchase is recovered over a period of time.

Where can Q-global be used?

  • Schools: As a school-wide solution to address mental health needs of students
  • Hospitals: As a digital solution for OPD and in-patient services in psychiatry and psychology departments that is easy to administer, score and report.
  • Individual practice: As an affordable digital assessment platform that can be integrated easily in one’s practice in clinical psychology, education and allied fields.
  • Government: As an assessment delivery platform for government programs in mental health and education.

How is it priced?

  • Pay per report: The basic model for Q-global pricing is a simple per-use fee that will vary based on the service provided and the content delivered.
  • Subscription: For a limited number of products, a subscription is available for generating scores and reports for individual users.

For those who are new to digital assessment platforms, free online recorded training modules are available.

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