Ashley County Medical Center transitions to Carestreams advanced imaging equipment offering user-friendly egronomic capabilities

Carestreams DRX-Excel Plus Radiography/Fluoroscopy (R/F) System
Carestreams DRX-Excel Plus Radiography/Fluoroscopy (R/F) System

Ashley County Medical Center (Crossett, Ark.), a critical access hospital serving one of the largest counties in Arkansas, becomes the first United States (US) hospital to install Carestreams new DRX-Excel Plus Radiography/Fluoroscopy (R/F) System.

Purchasing this system was part of the hospitals transition to the latest generation of imaging equipment, which included a Carestream DRX-Evolution and a DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray Imaging System.

Key Features of Carestreams DRX-Excel Plus Radiography/Fluoroscopy (R/F) System

  • Patient uation: An important tool for uating patients who may be critically ill or seriously injured
  • High-resolution images: Delivers rapid access to high-resolution images, as well as advanced capabilities that reduce patient dose, enhance productivity and offer an efficient user interface
  • Design and capabilities: Excellent ergonomic design, consistent user interface and outstanding capabilities
  • Productivity-enhancing capabilities: Includes a positioning pedal that allows hands-free access, which is helpful for interventional exams, and Ashley County Medical Center is first in the US to install Carestreams New DRX-Excel Plus Radiography/Fluoroscopy System/Page 2 remote control that can move the table from anywhere in the room. Also includes an elevating table for fluoroscopy exams that can be lowered or raised to provide flexible, comfortable imaging for patients with limited mobility, including wheelchair patients
  • Other offerings: Performs contrast exams using fluoroscopy that can be associated with a radiography image, in addition to specialised contrast procedures that record both fluoroscopy and radiography sequences and interventional procedures.

Key Features of Carestreams DRX-Evolution System

  • Facilitates capture of advanced imaging exams, including cross-table lateral and other complex exams
  • Enhances the speed and quality of all mobile imaging exams and completes the facilitys transition from CR to DR technology.

All three imaging systems use Carestream DRX Plus 3543C cesium iodide detectors, which:

  • Offer excellent image quality and extremely low dose
  • Can be submerged in one meter of water for 30 minutes without failure, which achieves IPX Level 7 rating for liquid resistance
  • Allow easier handling due to reduced weight and thinner profile
  • Deliver faster calibration time, boot time, preview time and full-resolution display time, as well as increased battery life to enable more imaging between battery changes
  • Can be shared with any member of its extensive family of DRX imaging systems

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