Air purifierNat©oSant©, a French company specialising in air quality treatment, is about to launch EOLIS ”the first intelligent air filtration system. It has been developed keeping the Indian market in focus.

Though manufactured in France till now, it is likely to be made in India later this year, at EOLANE industrial plant in Bengaluru. EOLIS is set to be on sale in India from May, which will be distributed through Nat©oSant©s Indian partners.

The initial idea behind EOLIS was to provide an air filtration system combining high performance and simplicity of use. It has been customised for professionals in home appliances, hospitality and heath/medical sectors.

EOLIS will also incorporate a filter system composed of a medical-grade filter HEPA H13 or ULPA U15 and a high-density active carbon filter able to treat an area of 60 m2 or 120 m2.

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