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Syed Kadam Murshed

Syed Kadam Murshed
Head- IT
MEDICA Hospitals Pvt Ltd, Kolkata

Transforming Medical Infrastructure


The whole world is changing on the flywheels of IT, no doubt. On the contrary, we can see, from a mere support department, information technology has taken over charge to become the integrated solution provider across

industries. Healthcare is not an exception. The department can enable management to control, monitor, analyse, and decide on future steps to be taken on real time basis. The thinkers, enablers, innovators, implementers, users, managers, vendors and entrepreneurs of healthcare sector“ all have contributed to this paradigm shift. Basic HIS, from mere billing and financial accounting tool, has evolved as an integrated mechanism to supervise the clinical and operational collaboration of the hospitals as well. Convergence of telemedicine, eICU, PACS, EMR and adoption of other cutting edge technologies has made the medical infrastructure and facilities more liquid in nature. Before two decades, taking a printed bill from the computer might be possible in the country but the quality of care process, analysis and management of care were not part or concern in IT.

ehealth-magazine-march-issue-2016-38Connecting Healthcare via IT


Adoption of computerised order entry by physicians, ePrescribing, maintaining problem list, managing drug or allergy reaction, viewing patient history, clinical decision support system can create a better doctor or care providers for the society. Interfacing the medical equipment with basic IT infrastructures and applications started providing information to the clinicians on their mobile phones on the move. Early detection of infectious disease or outbreaks in the locality, improved tracking of severe disease management etc could not be thought of without IT adoption in the healthcare industry.

Improved quality of healthcare, prevention of medical errors, reduction in the healthcare costs, increases in the administrative efficiencies, and a decrease in the amount of paperwork, among others, has increased the access to affordable healthcare options.


The basic technology is required for innovation, but it is the passion, plan and strategy which set it right. Without a proper plan or strategy, an innovation can neither be driven nor implemented. If we define innovation as to create something new to the world or enabling a product in such a way that the non-consumers become future customers, innovation is surely a design, plan and strategy and not mere technology. Without proper strategy, innovation will become unpredictable and lead to the mystery. Nowadays, corporate have created a separate team for innovation, who decides and formulates a strategy to get innovations correctly implemented in the targeted environment.

Way Forward

Over the past few years, we have seen IT improve the consumer experience in almost every aspect of our lives, including the way we manage our finances, shop, and book travel. But, healthcare has been slower to leverage this technology. Consumers of Healthcare or patients are arguably best positioned to decide whom to bring into their circle of care, and when and with whom to share their vital health information. Beside, empowering the consumers, hospitals will use IoT, analytics, big data, mobility and all other upcoming technologies in a better way, I am sure. Right marketing and branding decisions and activities can take place on basis of adapting new technology. The correct adoption of expert IT system will reduce unnecessary admission; less number of beds will be required in the society, lower ALOS in hospitals and reduce cost for treatment of patients.

The correct adoption of expert IT system will reduce unnecessary admission; less number of beds will be required in the society, lower ALOS in hospitals and reduce cost for treatment of patients.

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