Alchem International launches third generation Phytomedicine for flu

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Alchem InternationalAlchem International launched the third generation phytomedicine called PhytoRelief-CC to combat symptoms of a cough, cold and flu.

PhytoRelief-CC comes in the form of chewable sugar-free lozenges which contain concentrated and purified molecular extracts of turmeric (haridra), ginger (zingiber officinale), and pomegranate (dantabija). The synergistic effect of these nature-derived ingredients offers a host of benefits to quickly and naturally cure symptoms of a cough, cold and flu. PhytoRelief-CC has very potent antiviral, anti-bacterial, immune-modulatory, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-oxidant properties. It has been developed using AlchemLife’s proprietary Phytoplex™ technology based on cutting-edge science to deliver unsurpassed efficacy without any side effects. Phytoplex™ technology is Alchem’s proprietary extraction process which isolates active plant molecules in a way that preserves the `natural balance’ and ‘synergistic effects’ present in the original plant material.

Raman Mehta, Founder, Alchem International, said, “PhytoRelief-CC provides quick and effective relief naturally, combining the power of traditional medicinal herbs with cutting-edge science and research. We expect a very encouraging response as there is presently no natural offering in the market that is backed by clinically proven results for the prevention and treatment of symptoms of cold, cough and flu.”

Compared to the placebo, PhytoRelief-CC led to a reduction of signs and symptoms of cold and flu within two weeks, 83 per cent reduction in bacterial load within three days, and effective anti-viral activity against various strains of influenza. Priced at `199 for a strip of 10 lozenges, PhytoRelief-CC will be distributed in phases across the
country at all retail and pharmacy outlets.

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