CURA: Adding High-Quality Technologies to Empower Healthcare Space

Arvind Savargaonkar<brDirector, Critical Care Solutions, CURA
Arvind Savargaonkar
Director, Critical Care Solutions, CURA

The interconnected patient monitors & information management systems are aggregating patient information that is presented to the clinicians in the unified way. This is enabling clinicians to take more informed and evidence-based decisions for patient management, shares Arvind Savargaonkar, Director, Critical Care Solutions, CURA with Elets News Network (ENN)

Its quite interesting to note CURAs emphasis on the concept of affordable luxury. Please explain in detail the key objectives behind the coining of this concept.

Indian healthcare has been growing at a much faster pace in comparison to developed countries and most of the developing markets. This is due to rising income levels, swelling private sector investments, growing older age population and government incentive in healthcare space. Despite all, there is a huge gap between demand and supply of healthcare services in India, especially in tier-II and tier-IV population. Our aim is to address this space and try to bridge the gap as far as possible. CURA is into empowering diagnostics, imaging and critical care space. Both of them are of primary importance for healthcare services.

How has CURA scaled up its services & products post- acquisition of medical device manufacturing companies known for excellence, such as DE Healthcare & Concept Integrations?

CURA has been into imaging diagnostics space. In order to expand its basket of solutions and services, it acquired DE Healthcare, which has a strong deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in ultrasound and Color Doppler for over a decade and a half. Post acquisition, the ultrasound business has doubled installation base & tripled its revenue. Similarly, post acquisition of Concept Integrations, we have started manufacturing products in the Chennai facility, upgraded products to be CE accredited, and added technologies, such as Masimo and Suntech, to compete in high-end monitoring markets.

Since our next issue is about patient monitoring, please walk us through CURAs critical care devices. With healthcare now becoming more patient-centric, what key developments and innovations have been witnessed in the patient monitoring segment?

The patient monitoring segment is keeping pace with the advancements witnessed in the technology space. Inter connectivity and exchange of information are becoming progressively commonplace in the intensive care set-ups. The interconnected patient monitors and information management systems are aggregating patient information that is presented to the clinicians in the unified way. This is enabling clinicians to take more informed and evidence-based decisions for patient management. The newer monitoring parameters are also becoming available to the clinicians. The sedation levels and anaesthesia depth can be monitored using various electroencephalogram (EEG) indices. Non-invasive monitoring of cardiac output, as well as estimation of arterial oxygen or carbon dioxide, is becoming possible. These parameters equip the clinicians with highly significant information to treat the patients.

The new generation systems have also incorporated improved and clinically-aware data processing techniques that ensure improvement in efficiency and better utilisation of clinicians time. The new systems have greatly improved alert and alarm function that reduce the occurrence and frequency of false alarms. This considerably improves the reliability of alarm functions and reduces the distractions to clinicians in intensive care set-up, thereby allowing clinicians to focus on real health conditions of the patient and manage them better.

  CURAs Patient Monitoring Devices “ Key Features
  • Provide reliable patient information in a simplified way to identify a patients health status
  • Equipped with multi-input features, including touch screen user interface
  • Simple user interface coupled with a touch screen feature provides great user experience
  • Incorporating analytics capabilities & analyse multidimensional data

In what ways, CURAs patient monitoring devices stand apart from its competitors in enabling appropriate medical decision-making & therapeutic interventions?

CURA has consistently maintained its focus on meeting the highest quality standards to provide reliable and dependable products to its customers. This is further backed up by CURAs commitment to provide effective service support throughout the lifetime of the products.

CURAs patient monitoring devices are developed to provide reliable patient information in the simplified and friendly way that helps in easy identification of patients health status. It is well known that the way information is displayed affects speed and accuracy of perception and decision-making. The patient monitoring devices are also equipped with multi-input features, including touch screen user interface. The simple user interface coupled with a touch screen feature provides great user experience. CURA is incorporating analytics capabilities in its patient monitoring systems that can aggregate and analyse multidimensional data. These capabilities are aimed at early detection of clinical deterioration of patient health status, thereby enabling early interventions and reducing the incidence of avoidable emergencies and deaths. Apart from this, analytics on multidimensional information provides completely new insights to the clinicians for diagnosis and intervention.

  CURA “ Key Objectives
  • Address the existing huge gap between demand & supply of healthcare services
  • Empower diagnostics, imaging and critical care space
  • Reducing incidence of avoidable emergencies & deaths through early detection
  • Capturing completely new insights through analytics on multidimensional information
  • Meeting the highest quality standards

What steps are undertaken by CURA to ensure quality standards to meet the customer expectations?

CURA complies with the international ISO 9000 and ISO 13485 quality certifications and has been demonstrating a high level of maturity in the implementation of its quality management systems. CURA products are also CE certified. CURA has consistently employed most modern quality management methodologies and CURAs internally developed COMPASS compliance management system has won acclaims at multiple quality forums including Quality Council Forum of India.

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