Der Trend innerhalb der Chirurgie geht heute verst¤rkt in Richtung minimal-invasiver Eingriffe - und Siemens Healthcare st¼tzt diesen Trend mit seinen bildgebenden Systemen. Bereits seit 2013 bietet Siemens mit dem mobilen C-Bogen Cios Alpha ein Bildgebungssystem an, das durch seinen quadratischen Flachdetektor und seine Leistungsf¤higkeit chirurgische Eingriffe dieser Art unterst¼tzt. Modern surgery is increasingly moving toward minimally invasive intervention, and imaging systems from Siemens Healthcare are supporting this trend. In 2013 Siemens began offering an imaging system, the Cios Alpha mobile C-arm, whose square flat-panel detector and performance support this type of surgical intervention.

A synergy of modern surgical techniques particularly the imaging improves patient survival has it improves the accuracy of the surgery itself, supporting this trend Siemens Healthcare has introduced a  new series of Cios C-arm a group of imaging systems – the Cios Alpha and three additional models of the Cios C-arm family, which play a key role in the areas of orthopaedics and traumatology.

The new family of C-arms comprising Cios Fusion, Cios Connect, Cios Select, and the premium Cios Alpha system will cover all customer requirements for mobile X-ray imaging .

Compact design and greater ease of use are common features of the entire C-arm family, as are a standardised user interface and high level of performance, says Francois Nolte, Head Business Line X-Ray Products, summarizing the features of the Cios series.

The maximum possible X-ray time, an elevated heat capacity to prevent overheating, and a high current range offered by the X-ray tube all help ensure consistently high image quality during lengthy operations, such as heart surgeries lasting several hours, he added.

Cios Fusion : A Flat-Panel Detector

 Cios Fusion features state-of-the-art flat panel detector technology. In total, its field of vision is about 160 per cent larger than the standard image intensifier. This produces an image that is free of geometrical distortion and offers a higher grayscale resolution, making various anatomical structures clearer to see. An additional touchscreen that can be located right at the operating table enables the surgeon to control the C-arm from within the sterile work area. It helps and makes vascular surgery easier.

Cios Connect :  Light Weight  with Low Radiation

Cios Connect covers a very broad area of application it offers a highly reliable system with low service costs and it enable physicians to display individual images simultaneously in subtracted view and in X-ray view. A removable anti-scatter grid also makes it possible to provide pediatric treatment with especially low radiation doses. Weighing only 248 kilograms, Cios Connect is an extremely light model helps easy handling at the operating table.

Cios Select : Helps in  Routine Clinical Use

The entry-level model Cios Select would serve as a basic product to improve healthcare services by providing easier access to surgical imaging. It is designed to be user-friendly in operation, and its sturdy construction means that the system does not require expensive maintenance. Color-coding facilitates communication during operations. Each direction that the C-arm can be moved is labeled with a color and the brake levers are marked with the same color.

Cios Alpha system : Making Transplants  Easy

Beginning in January 2016, an expanded version of the Cios Alpha is a revised version of the Cios software. A large preview image on the touchscreen makes it easier for OR staff to select the appropriate image settings. To mark anatomical structures, the live graphical overlay function can now be used in all operating modes regardless of the field of clinical application, and is no longer reserved for users in vascular surgery. A metal correction function compensates for metal components in the image at the push of a button, to enable surrounding tissue to be represented with greater contrast: for example, in the case of major implants.

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