Carestreams DRX-Evolution Plus Digital Imaging System Available for Order Worldwide

Carestream's DRX-Evolution Plus System 2015Carestream Healths newest DRX digital imaging system”the Carestream DRX-Evolution Plus”offers major software and hardware enhancements to help expedite complex medical imaging exams and support future advanced imaging applications. The new system is now available for order in many countries across the globe.

The DRX-Evolution has been embraced by radiology professionals around the world who appreciate its ability to combine ease of use with features that boost productivity and help technologists capture complex exams that previously required greater effort, said Helen Titus, Carestreams Worldwide Marketing Director for X-ray Solutions and Ultrasound. The DRX-Evolution Plus includes new capabilities to further enhance workflow and offer improved visualization of anatomy.

The DRX-Evolution Plus offers:

  • A sleek new design with LED lighting for enhanced functionality and aesthetics
  • Greater flexibility in high-ceiling rooms via an extended tube column
  • A new high-performance generator
  • An optional table to accommodate patients up to 705 pounds (320 Kg); and
  • Forward-looking design specifications to embrace new advanced imaging applications as they become available.

Additional capabilities of the DRX-Evolution Plus include:

  • An innovative wall stand Bucky-angulation feature expedites cross table and other complex X-ray exams
  • Tube touch screen allowsa technologist to change techniques and view images from the tube
  • Pediatric capabilities including automatic technique and image processing for seven pediatric body size categories
  • Bone suppression software for optimized viewing of soft tissue
  • Fast, secure log-in process using RFID badges
  • A transbay option enables fast tube movement across multiple trauma bays, which helps expedite treatment while minimizing movement of critically ill or injured patients
  • Automatic acquisition and stitching for long-length and supine imaging exams; and
  • IHE Dose Reporting to facilitate data sharing with a facilitys dose management system.

Platform Offers Modular Components and Configurations

The DRX-Evolution Plus offers modular components and configurations. For maximum productivity, the system can be configured with a fixed detector in the wall stand, and one or two additional wireless detectors that can be used for table Bucky and tabletop exams. Like other members of the companys portfolio of DRX systems, the DRX-Evolution Plus enables each DRX detector to work with all other DRX systems within a providers environment.



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