General Sleep Corp Launches Home Sleep Monitor


General Sleep Corp has launched a home sleep monitor, Zmachine Insight. It is designed for sleep researchers and clinicians to obtain detailed sleep staging information from patients or research subjects. The results are automatically calculated by the Insight, are available immediately when the user wakes in the morning.

The Zmachine Insight is unparalleled in its capabilities to automatically record and stage sleep with a very high degree of precision. Unlike the current crop of home sleep monitors and smartphone apps that rely on the presence of absence of movement to try to infer whether someone is sleeping or not, the Insight measures the EEG (brainwave) signal and processes that signal with advanced algorithms. The Insight not only determines when the user is awake or asleep, but can also differentiate light sleep, slow wave sleep, and REM sleep every 30 seconds, says Richard Kaplan, PhD, President of General Sleep Corp, in a release.

The Insight uses a set of three peel-and-stick sensors to perform its assessment of the users sleep architecture. Since these sensors are located directly behind the ears and completely outside of the hairline they are easily self-applied and comfortably worn during sleep, General Sleep states. The smartphone-sized form factor of the system was especially designed to accommodate convenient in-home use.

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