AIIMS Goes Green with Hitachi

Naotoshi Nishida
Naotoshi Nishida

Naotoshi Nishida
Vice President, Infrastructure Systems Company, Hitachi India Private Limited

The concept of green hospital is not only confined to saving energy but also improving the medical-related works efficiency by introducing IT technology in hospitals, says Naotoshi Nishida, Vice President, Infrastructure Systems Company, Hitachi India Private Limited  in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN)

What are your initiatives to implement the concept of ICT based Green Hospital?

In order to make the Green All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) concept reality, we will conduct an energy conservation system demonstration which includes renewable energy, high efficiency utility equipment, hospital ICT system integration/consolidation and data center facility with energy saving technology at AIIMS in Delhi. The energy management system which is going to be installed can visualise energy and optimise the facility at AIIMS.

What is your strategy to undertake the study on the demonstration project?

Our strategy is to demonstrate Hitachi’s capability in the areas of IT system consolidation and energy saving. Especially, our energy saving IT technologies such as Data Life Cycle Management, MAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks), and Virtualisation have strong technological advantage.

We will disseminate IT systems and energy saving systems to other hospitals in India with acceleration of cost reduction.

How do you see the Indian market in terms of green hospital concept?

We expect that the market size regarding Energy Management System and Energy Conservation System in healthcare field will be grown from 100 million US$ in 2014 to 300 million US$ in 2020. (CAGR20%)

What comparison can you draw between the Indian market and abroad in terms of green hospital concept?

Since there is chronic shortage of electricity in India, energy management is very important for medical institutions where they deal with human lives every day.

Another big difference is that healthcare IT system has not yet popularised in Indian healthcare market. However, we expect in near future more and more hospitals will install IT systems; consequently, a large number of servers and storages are going to be required as well. Since this most-likely leads to higher power and energy consumption than now at those hospitals, we strongly believe that the Green hospital concept will be accepted to the market.

What are the deliverables of the project with your collaborators?

Our goal in this demonstration project is to find a way how we can achieve and contribute to the energy saving and the improvement of hospital operations at AIIMS by leveraging Hitachi’s IT technologies.

AIIMSWhat are the changes that Green Hospital can bring in the healthcare industry?

We think that hospitals in India are now required to operate much more efficiently and environmentally-friendly. The concept of Green Hospital we are trying to achieve is not only to realise energy saving simply, but also to improve the medical-related works efficiency in the hospital by introducing IT technology.

The green hospital will be symbolic project in India. We believe it will be able to bring the boom of improvement for efficiency in healthcare industry. This will contribute to energy sector and improvement of the quality in hospitals, so patients also can get a lot of benefit ultimately.

What are the activities expected under the demonstration project for AIIMS New Delhi?

We have started discussing with AIIMS about how Hitachi can help them improve the IT environments, and make an ution plan with them. Based on the agreement concluded in the discussion, Hitachi offers our IT systems like servers and storages, and integrate them at AIIMS Delhi, and uate how much energy consumption AIIMS can reduce.

What are the information technology tools to be used under this project?

We provide the Hitachi servers and storages that are suited for AIIMS’s hospital operations and future vision in terms of the improvement of healthcare in India.

What are the challenges and opportunities of this project?

We believe this is the first case in India to establish the business model to integrate Solar Panel, Energy Management System and IT Systems at the same time. Thus, that is the challenge.

However, if we successfully verify it is beneficial for India and its medical field through this project, we would like to introduce the business model to other hospitals in India and the emerging countries. That could be an opportunity.

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