February 2015

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Dharmendra Tripathy, Marketing Manager, BD Biosciences- India

Dharmendra Tripathy, Marketing Manager, BD
Biosciences- India

The new trend in flow cytometry today allows one to analyse multiple parameters simultaneously, says Dharmendra Tripathy, Marketing Manager, BD Biosciences- India

Across the past 40 years, BD Biosciences has been honored to be the brand our customers have trusted to facilitate and speed up their work to discover more about life around us and to improve the human conditions using flow cytometry. Our total solutions in flow cytometry continue to keep pace with the accelerating speed of discovery, so they have reliable and consistent results and more flexibility for experiments.

The new trend in flow cytometry today allows one to analyse multiple parameters simultaneously”and by adding more colors one can open up a whole new world of information and insight into the research. BD strives to deliver innovative solutions that help make research efforts more efficient and more revealing. From brighter dyes (BD Horizon Brilliant Dyes) and advanced instrumentation with up-to 18 color detection like BD LSR Fortessa X20 that resolve populations of interest to the availability of an expert at just the right time, it all works together to help you get quality data out of every study.

In the clinical segment, BD for the first time has come up with an innovative solution of premixed cocktail BD OneFlow, which brings the standardisation of leukaemia and lymphoma immunophenotyping one step forward. This unique platform is built on the research and validation work of the EuroFlow Consortium on the characterisation of haematological malignancies for improved diagnostic outcomes. This not only maximizes laboratory efficiency but also increases reliability and accuracy of results for better clinical decisions and ultimately patient outcome.

ehealth-solutionsIn the CD4 monitoring space for HIV, BD has introduced a point-of-care device, BD FACSPresto, a unique nearpatient technology designed for resource- limited settings. With capability to give CD4 count, CD4 percent and Hb from a single drop of blood using a dry reagent cartridge make it a unique proposition, especially when it can do more than 8-10 samples in an hour. With its very small footprint and robust design, BD FACS Presto can be taken to remote places as it houses a battery which allows usage up-to a minimum of six hours without electricity.

We are confident that this is an ideal solution for HIV clinicians, path labs, NGOs and health centers that have been referring HIV positives to a central lab or hospital because of high cost of ownership. Now they can not only have their own system but can contribute to the society by giving access of testing and reporting within 20 minutes. Increasing access of CD4 monitoring in India today is the main task and once again BD has lived upto its mission of helping all people live healthy lives.

Further, what differentiates BD Biosciences is our knowledgeable and high caliber team of 56 associates who provide information, training, application support, and field services so our customers can achieve optimal performance and productivity.

Today, we have more than 900 flow cytometer systems installed in the Indian subcontinent, and we thank our customers for trusting their discoveries to our technologies.

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