Recognize signs of excess sugar in the blood

blood sugar


If you have a family history of regular fluctuation of sugar levels or if someone is suffering from diabetes in your family, it is recommended to go in for a simple blood sugar test at least two times in a year. This way you would be able to keep an eye on early signs of Diabetics.

So, do you feel thirsty all day long? Constant feeling of thirst and visiting the washroom repeatedly always indicate that there is a lot of sugar in the blood of your body. This puts extra burden on the kidneys to remove the sugar and while doing so, they utilize fluids from the tissues of the body. According to experts, leads to frequent urination throughout the day. And when you’re visiting the bathroom often, you also feel thirsty and end up drinking more water so that you don’t get dehydrated.

Another classic sign of too much blood sugar is feeling tired all the time. Too much sugar in your blood means that your cells aren’t getting enough and that in turn affects your muscles. This is what causes fatigue.


Another sign of diabetes is swelling or numbness in the hands and feet. Get yourself checked by your doctor.

Regularly suffer from stomach problems? It could be that your blood sugar levels are on the higher side. Another indication is failing eyesight. High blood sugar can cause damage to your eyes and cause a change in your eye number. Do you suffer from blurred vision or see spots or lines in front of you? Time to get your blood and eye test done.

Sudden loss of weight loss is also a sign that there exists a major health hazard. Also the fact that any infection you catch takes enough time to go away indicating lower resistance in the body and also sometimes a minor cut or bruise takes ample time to recover.

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